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Piecing digital evidence together

Since 2006, IntaForensics has grown to become a leading provider of Digital Forensic Services within the UK. IntaForensics prides itself on offering the highest quality digital forensics to the legal sector, police forces, local authorities, commercial organisations and private individuals internationally.

Our large technical team work from our secure offices and laboratories in London, Leeds and Warwickshire, conducting expert technical forensic investigations in line with international and UK standards economically and to the highest technical standards. Our experts are all highly qualified and experienced in technical aspects of digital forensics and providing expert witness services.

Whether it’s Computer or Mobile Phone Forensics, support with a Cell Site Investigation, Forensic Data Recovery or providing Expert Witness in court, IntaForensics have a highly regarded reputation for delivering thorough, detailed and accurate analysis and reports regardless of case volume or turnaround times.

Remote Wiping - The Race Against Time

Recent news articles have lightly touched upon the problems Police Forces are experiencing with Remote Wiping of Digital Evidence, and its understandable with the increased complexity of mobile devices continuing to be the ever-changing battle for digital forensic experts. While it seem like essential security parameters for the average user, features like Multi-factor authentication and remote wiping capabilities have po…
Lima – the global leader in digital forensic case and laboratory management system software – is proud to announce additional features to our software solution in Lima 1.8. As evidenced in o…
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"IntaForensics are my first port of call whenever I need a computer expert...Fees are always acceptable to the LSC...I am always very happy with the completed report" Kent Defence Solicitors

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"IntaForensics were approached by a large private company specialising in Recruitment, the Sales & Marketing Director believed that several ex employee's..."

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