3 Things You Need to Know About Computer Forensics

13 January 2012

The majority of businesses rely on complex IT systems which hold a large amount of valuable information for your company. If you believe that the security of your computer system has been compromised, the computer forensics experts at IntaForensics can investigate any potential intrusion and gather any evidence that may be required for a legal case.

1. A Comprehensive Service

Computer forensics is crucial in retrieving valuable data and information, and IntaForensics offer three packages which are suitable for a range of different requirements.

•    Imaging Only: This creates a forensic image of digital media to preserve the data for use in legal proceedings at a later date. The digital media will be returned to you following this service.
•    Preview Computer Forensic Analysis: This will search your computer for retrievable or ‘live’ data. This service is designed to discover whether there is a requirement for a Full Comprehensive Forensic Analysis.
•    Full Computer Forensic Analysis: This will search your device, before recovering and analysing all data stored within it. Data which exists in “unallocated clusters”, for example if a user has attempted to delete a file, will also be recovered.

2. A Service for Every Sector

Our aim is always to collect and preserve evidence for our clients in a professional manner to enable them to pursue legal action at a later date. Some of the areas in which we work include:

•    Police authorities
•    Legal sector
•    Public sector
•    Private sector
•    Insurance
•    Insolvency

3. We are Experts in Computer Forensics

Our highly-qualified team of analysts have the expertise required to complete a thorough analysis of all types of media. With a combined experience of over 24 years, our team have successfully completed over 400 investigations for a variety of clients, so there is no better company to choose for a comprehensive computer forensics service. Our senior analysts have previously been called as expert witnesses for both the prosecution and the defence, and our entire team are fully-trained in the judicial process.

Computer forensics is a highly-effective way to investigate any potential breaches of your computer system, and IntaForensics are the experts in this specialist industry.

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I can honestly say that your excellent customer service and communication has made our forensic instructions to you exceptionally easy. I am very conscious of the amount of time I must have taken up with various queries, requests, and then changed requests but you have always been very patient, polite and extremely helpful.

Case Review Manager - Criminal Cases Review Commission