Blackbag Technologies Training Event!

19 September 2016

Blackbag Training Event!

About Blackbag technologies…
Blackbag specialise in two sectors of the digital industry with advancements in software and recognised training programmes being their main focus. In terms of their software, they have developed innovative forensic acquisition, triage and analysis software for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and Mac OS X devices. Their software is used by hundreds of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies around the world for things like criminal investigations, HR investigations and eDiscovery situations.

In comparison their training services offer expert forensic training and certification programmes. Designed for both novice and experienced forensic professionals, their courses include a classroom instruction, demonstrations and a practical hand on experience. As an added extra to their training programmes, Blackbag offer a free tool training for black light – their premier forensics analysis software.


Blackbag Training event here at Stafford!
On Monday the 3rd October Blackbag will be hosting 2 x 1-week training events by expert instructors here at IntaForensics.

Essential Forensic Techniques 1…
This particular course is composed of essential techniques that are necessary for every forensic professional to have. Designed by Blackbag’s expert constructors the course covers an array of valuable elements that will be beneficial to every level of forensic experience.

A closer look…
The essential forensic technique course will be particularly effective for the audience to develop important skills in navigation of Mac, iPhone, iPad and PC device areas. The team at Blackbag have highly commendable knowledge when it comes to keeping up to date with latest developments and techniques in the world of digital forensics. The ‘real life’, hands-on experience of their expert instructors helps them create scenarios that are driven by data and realistic challenges. Overall, this course will show attendees all forensic strategies for data extraction in Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and Windows operating systems in regards to case data.

What will attendees learn…
By the end of the training event here at Stafford, attendees will have received three different case scenarios, a learning triage and gained important analysis techniques through instructor led practical’s. A big learning curve, however development of strong technical skills in iCloud, virtual machines, Plist and SQL database files for common applications.

At the end of the course, a written and practical examination will be given to those who attend to assess their knowledge and capabilities of what they have learnt in the course.

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Essential Forensic Techniques 2…
This course is targeted at attendees who have already completed the previous course or advanced examiners who have extensive knowledge in key forensic techniques.

A closer look…
This advanced version of the essential forensic techniques course will visit more complex concepts on specific data points within the devices of IOS, Windows and Mac OS X systems. The main problem that this course aims to help attendees resolve is that operating and file systems ‘’leave complex artefacts in active and unallocated space.’’ From constant involvement in law enforcement and corporate situations, the data used in current, relevant and relatable. With this in mind, experts at Blackbag will present attendees with different methods of discovery in new application data, specific analysis and reporting practices.

What will attendees learn…
The main outcome of this second event is to allows attendees to review case scenarios, learn file system date artefacts, gain access to passwords and navigate time machine backups. Added elements ranging from analysis of operating systems, artefacts from unknown devices and a review of system failures will be shown to strengthen the attendees learning in this area.

Similar to the first forensic technique course, there will be a written and practical assessment to review comprehension of what has been taught.

IntaForensics believe both training events will be invaluable to attendees and the expert knowledge they will receive through Blackbag’s industry experts will create the best learning experience. We are extremely happy that Blackbag are hosting their event at our Stafford office and are glad the facilities enable them to present a professional and informative training event.

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