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Cyber security applies to every business, regardless of the size or industry! It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small or whether your business deals with high amounts of technology or none, every business is at risk to hackers. The threat of a cyber-attack to your business is more real today than ever before. Take control now and avoid the potentially devastating consequences of a successful hack on your organisation.

What to expect…

Cyber Security events educate attendees on all there is to know about protecting their business from the threat of cyber attackers! With talks from our Director of Professional Services, Damian Walton, and a LIVE Cyber Attack demonstration from our Principal PFI consultant, Andrew Bassi, this really is a must see event to ensure your company is safe from current cyber threats. Based around the Cyber Essentials Scheme we can create a tailored plan to help you secure your business network.

“You do not need to be an expert to attend this event, you can be a complete beginner and have no understanding. It was fascinating to see potential threats we receive everyday and particularly find out about how to deal with them.”
– Mandy Dhaliwal, University of Birmingham

The Cyber Events Movement…

Two thirds of medium and large businesses experienced a cyber breach or attack in the past year (Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017). The average cost of a breach to a large business equates to £19,600, and other potential outcomes range from the loss of files, loss of network, loss of confidential information or corrupted software. Cyber-attacks on businesses large and small are a regular occurrence of daily life, despite the fact that a substantial amount of these costly incidents are easily preventable by taking some simple steps and implementing a few basic controls. Which is why, at IntaForensics, we are actively trying to reduce the amount of breaches through education and raising awareness.

Presented by…

Damian Walton – Director of Professional Services

Damian’s team offer the full portfolio of Cyber Security services. Providing Cyber Essentials, Incident Response, QSA and PFI Investigation Services. Due to his high level of experience, Damian is regularly invited to deliver keynote presentations and attend industry events across the UK and is the founder and typically the presenter of our Cyber Security events.

Demonstrated by…

Andrew Bassi – Principal PFI Consultant

Andrew is currently the IntaForensics Core Payment Card Data Investigator in Europe and the UK.  Beyond Andrew’s job role as our Principal PFI Consultant, Andrew is also a trained ethical hacker and he demonstrates this through our event’s unmissable and unique live hack, proving how easy it is for cyber-attackers to perform a breach.


We are more than happy to partner with you to help spread awareness of Cyber Security.

Educating your Suppliers…

It is in your best interest to ensure your suppliers are treating Cyber Security as a significant business threat… if they suffer from a breach then your confidential information could be placed into the hands of cyber criminals!

Bringing value to your event…

There is a significant difference between hosting an event on Cyber Security and hosting an event on Cyber Security which is supported and presented by an Expert Provider. By partnering with IntaForensics, you are able to provide your audience with the latest threats and information in the industry, allowing your event to bring genuine value and benefit to the attendees.

Our Service…

If you have the demand from an audience to host an event on Cyber Security, then we would be more than happy to partner with you free of charge.

From presentations, to live hacking demonstrations, to supporting industry wide security schemes, we are able to provide Cyber Security events that cover the full spectrum of Cyber Security areas that can be tailored to match your requirements better.

So what are you waiting for?

Help raise awareness among your local community of the fastest growing business threat by hosting an event on Cyber Security.

partner with intaforensics

IntaForensics & NatWest

Following the success of our first event with NatWest in Stafford in January 2017, we have since partnered together to bring events in Nottingham, Telford and Chester.

NatWest & Cyber Security 

NatWest are keen to partner with IntaForensics as part of their support for the National Fraud Authority’s ‘Cyber Streetwise’ campaign. The Cyber Streetwise campaign seeks to provide everyone with the knowledge and confidence to make simple and effective changes to stay safe online.

By partnering with IntaForensics, this allows NatWest to help change the way people view online safety as well as providing businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to take control of their cyber security.

Upcoming Event…

IntaForensics and the Chartered Quality Institute are partnering together to bring you an event on Cyber Security. Join us both to get to grips with Cyber Security and how to protect yourself from the threat of cyber attackers!

Title: Cyber Security with CQI

Date: 19th September 2017, 18:00 – 20:30 PM

Location: Derby Conference Centre

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“Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all this morning. A little bit scary and very motivating. We are now changing all of our log-ins and passwords as a starting point to improving our on-line security. We will also pass on your advice to our own domestic customers. Much appreciated!”
– Aly Davidson, xtenda.co.uk.