Digital Forensics

With years of industry experience, technical excellence and a dedicated team, IntaForensics® are capable of offering the full range of digital forensic investigation services.


How can Digital Forensics help your investigation?

Today, almost every crime involves a digital device. By forensically acquiring, decoding, and analysing the data, experts can provide an overview of what’s on the device, how it got there, and who put it there. Any device with data storage has the potential to be analysed. Data can be acquired and examined from various devices, including laptops and mobile phones, CCTV, drones, game consoles and other devices.

Alongside these digital forensic services, cell site specialists can provide an additional layer of analysis by plotting the potential location of a device – often adding value to the evidence and assisting with either proving or disproving a case.

Computer Forensics

Examining computers, laptops and associated digital media for civil and criminal matters.

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Mobile Device Forensics

Examining mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices and all related media, including SIM cards and memory storage cards.

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Cell Site

Establishing the presence and movement of a mobile device in a specific geographical location at a certain data and time.

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Drone UAV

Extracting valuable data from UAV devices and associated controller applications.

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Sat Nav

Examining Satellite Navigation devices to extract maps, trip data, and call logs.

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Investigating social media activity and open-source investigations (OSINT).

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Expert Witness

Providing specialist advice from highly-qualified experts to support cases.

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Audio and Video

Identifying, extracting and preserving recorded audio and video evidence.

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I can honestly say that your excellent customer service and communication has made our forensic instructions to you exceptionally easy. I am very conscious of the amount of time I must have taken up with various queries, requests, and then changed requests but you have always been very patient, polite and extremely helpful.

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