Audio and Video Forensics

Our audio and video analysts are experienced in identifying, extracting and preserving recorded evidence from all devices. We are able to forensically examine systems and reconstruct media from damaged systems, or render corrupted images intelligible.

Through our Audio and Video Forensic services, we can increase the overall value and effectiveness of visual evidence. Our forensic facilities allow media to be safely extracted from devices, CCTV enhancement or audio evaluation to produce evidence in support of criminal or civil proceedings.

What Can Be Examined?

Video and Audio files can exist on a multitude of ad hoc and specific device types. However, analytical processes adopted by IntaForensics means that the restoration and analysis of digital evidence can be adapted to a number of devices. Typical devices include:

  • CCTV
  • Hard Drives
  • Audio Recording Equipment
  • Mobile Handsets
  • Tablets
  • CD Discs

Advice For Preserving Audio and Video Evidence

  • Cease Use of the Device – Leaving the CCTV/Recovering device in use could render the data unobtainable. The memory attached to these quite commonly overwrites itself on a rolling basis as it requires the memory to retain present footage. Disconnect this ASAP!
  • Turn Off the Device – This will prevent the data from being overwritten and lost completely, and allow you the best chances to obtain your desired piece of recording.
  • Call IntaForensics – IntaForensics have a comprehensive range of tools and experts who will be able to recover the footage/recording you desire. We are also able to enhance footage and audio recordings to a sufficient level for the use in court proceedings.

IntaForensics can assist with the following Audio & Video Requirements:

  • Enhancement & Speed Correction
  • DVD Compilation
  • Highlighting & Pixilation
  • Format Conversion
  • Subtitling
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Restoration of Distorted Video and/Audio
  • Providing Evidence of Video/Audio Tampering

IntaForensics provide the full spectrum of Digital Forensic services from enhancement to speed correction and/or time lapse assessment, format conversation, and de-multiplexing. For covert surveillance recordings for CCTV enhancement or to protect the identity of witnesses, we can pixelate or mask faces/objects, and provide court experienced CCTV expert witness.


Service Levels:

Preliminary Compatability Analysis:

Due to the varied nature of Video and Audio devices, IntaForensics offer an initial compatability analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to indicate the compatability of the device with existing forensic tools. Traditional, older or “legacy devices” may be incompatible or the data may have a higher risk of being overwritten. In this event, the initial analysis will indicated full analysis potential .

Full Forensic Analysis:

In a similar respect to the Full Computer Forensic Analysis, a full forensic analysis of Audio and Video content involves the recovery and analysis of existing or deleted data on a specified device. This service includes a court ready Expert Technical Report, which includes all of the relevant findings and further steps, and court ready witness statements, if required.

Why IntaForensics?

With years of industry experience, technical excellence and a dedicated team, IntaForensics are capable of offering the full range of digital investigation services, and are able to adapt to the unique and individual needs of solicitors, private clients, Law Enforcement Agencies and commercial organisations.

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