Digital Forensics Training

Throughout the years, IntaForensics have offered a graduate training week for recent digital forensics graduates with huge success. Following this success, IntaForensics are proud to offer a new line of Digital Forensic Courses for a wide variety of individuals, covering key areas in Digital Forensics.

As vendor neutral courses, all participants are guaranteed course syllabuses that tackle the essential parts of digital forensics for the successful operation of a digital forensics organisation and a thriving career within the industry. Each course is led by the organisation’s top professionals ensuring that all participants are taught by an experienced and well qualified analyst.


Introduction to Professional Computer Forensics:

The Introduction to Professional Computer Forensics training course is a new service offering hands-on learning experience for new or inexperienced digital forensic practitioners. As all IntaForensics courses are led by industry experts, you are guaranteed expert training in a professional environment.

This course covers:This course is suitable for:
  • Basics of computer forensics practice
  • Introduction to industry standard software tools
  • Introduction to Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Reporting and Court ready skills
  • Graduates seeking to begin their career in Digital Forensics
  • New Starters in the Digital Forensics Industry
  • Law Enforcement professionals
  • Technical or non-technical managers
  • System and Networks administrators
  • Security and Audit consultants

Graduate Digital Forensics Training:

The Graduate Selection week and Graduate Training Weeks are dedicated events for Graduates nationally. It is the perfect opportunities for Forensic Computing Graduates to get their foot in the industry. IntaForensics regularly invites Forensic Computing Graduates to attend one of its Graduate Selection Workshops.

Why IntaForensics?

With years of industry experience, technical excellence and a dedicated team, IntaForensics are capable of offering the full range of digital investigation services, and are able to adapt to the unique and individual needs of solicitors, private clients, Law Enforcement Agencies and commercial organisations.

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