Strengthen Your Legal Case with Digital Investigation Expertise

Whether you're a prosecutor or a part of the defence legal team, our Digital Investigation Unit can help strengthen your digital evidence and your case. From pre-trial case reviews and digital media investigations to detailed online investigation, we identify, analyse and report on the digital evidence crucial to your case.

Digital Investigation in Criminal Justice System

Helping Defence Teams Build Stronger Cases

Access complete digital investigation support that can enhance your case or help undermine the prosecution’s. We start by carrying out a defence case review and can identify lines of enquiry that have been missed. You’ll then receive recommendations for specific services, like IP address analysis and social media account investigation.

Your digital evidence reviewed

We start with a digital evidence case review, identifying any missing evidence and ensuring all accounts have been fully verified and accurately attributed to the defendant.

Prosecution's evidence assessed

We test the quality of the prosecution’s digital evidence to identify weaknesses, open up new lines of enquiry and help support your timeline of events.

Court-ready reports and expert witnesses

We compile the relevant digital evidence in a high quality report that will stand up in court. Digital investigation expert witness testimony can also be provided.

Strengthening Your Case to Increase CPS Backing

Our team will assess your digital evidence and identify any case enhancements that will help you gain Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) approval to prosecute your case.

The defence's evidence reviewed

We’ll identify any digital investigation gaps and weaknesses that could undermine their case and reinforce yours.

Your evidence strengthened

Our pre-trial case review can result in digital investigation that makes existing evidence more reliable and helps bolster your case in court.

Complete Digital Evidence Support

Our expert team carries out the technical, time-consuming assessment work to identify which digital information can be used as evidence. By connecting all the dots hidden in a mountain of digital data, we can call into question or strengthen evidence, helping you effectively build your case within tight timescales.

Case Evidence Review

Our expert team will review the credibility of the digital  evidence in your case. We can:


  • Test the quality of digital evidence including the way evidence has been obtained to pinpoint case strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify gaps in evidence and alternative avenues for digital exploration that could strengthen your arguments. 
  • Gather extra evidence to help strengthen your case and present it in a way that will stand up in court.


Available to defence and prosecution teams, this service has the potential to boost your arguments with independent digital expertise aligned to your case strategy.

Social Media Evidence Review

The constantly changing nature of social media platforms makes it difficult for prosecutors to legally access, gather and analyse the data in these systems. Our Digital Investigation Unit constantly builds on its significant expertise to ensure it can:  

  • Examine all lines of enquiry through social media account investigation.
  • Test whether the prosecution’s evidence has been gained lawfully.
  • Uncover any weaknesses or limitations in the prosecution’s attribution of the evidence to the defendant.
  • Undertake digital media investigations into any new lines of enquiry that may have been missed by the prosecution or as requested by the defence barrister.
  • Obtain social media evidence directly from any social media app, including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, WeChat, Viber and more.
  • Authenticate social media evidence including device attribution and screenshots.
  • Create high-quality, expert reports – including information about any evidential limitations – to help social media be used as evidence in court.

Support your case with tried and trusted social media expert witness testimony.

IP Address Analysis

Prosecution teams don’t always carry out the necessary checks to make sure digital account evidence can be accurately attributed to a defendant. We use our deep digital know-how to support defence teams by:


  • Assessing whether the IP address behind an online account used as evidence can be attributed to the defendant. 
  • Exposing mis-attributions and opening up new lines of inquiry and fresh context for the defence.
  • Carrying out rigorous account use analysis to identify whether or not certain evidence comes from a particular IP address.
  • Gaining a clearer understanding of account use, establishing patterns of behaviour and understanding where and how an account was used.
  • Identifying account use in a particular area through geolocation.
  • Accurately assigning online accounts and their use to the right person.

Providing clearly written, evidenced reports which will stand up in court and digital media expert witness testimony.

Online Evidence Review

Wherever the prosecution sources its evidence – be that the normal every day web or the deep and dark web – our expert online investigators can follow. Trained in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, they will:

  • Carry out online information, intelligence and evidence gathering targeted at individuals, companies, groups and more.
  • Review the credibility of the prosecution’s evidence to make sure it has been verified and can be confidently attributed to the defendant. 
  • Research new lines of enquiry, including investigating a witness’ credibility or capturing new data which the prosecution may not have.

Provide an experienced digital investigation expert witness to explain evidence and support your digital evidence in court.

Digital Evidence Consultancy

Keeping up to date with  the latest social media platforms and digital technologies and the workarounds criminals use can be challenging.  Our team will advise on what can and can’t be retrieved from different devices and operating systems. Giving you independent advice and guidance as well as insight  into the procedures that should be followed to ensure digital evidence is as strong as possible

Common problems we solve for legal teams

Not enough time

Digital investigations can produce hundreds of pages of data. Making it all but impossible for busy legal teams to assess and identify what can and should be used as evidence. Our experts know the exact needles they’re looking for in this information haystack. Helping you bolster your case with the right intelligence.

Lack of expertise

New opportunities to source online evidence make more robust and thorough digital investigations possible. But only if your team is up to date with the latest digital technologies. Add the expertise of our Digital Investigation Unit to your team and they’ll join the dots between multiple data points to support or question lines of enquiry.

Evolving technologies

Digital technologies evolve rapidly. So it’s often difficult for legal teams to keep up with the proliferation of social media platforms and the multiple ways people try to obscure their digital footprint. The Digital Investigation Unit brings decades of expertise plus cutting-edge knowledge to your case. Helping you access and understand a wide range of digital evidence.

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