Digital Investigation

Our new Digital Investigation Unit (DIU) has a team of specialists with over 74 combined years of industry experience in Law Enforcement. Together, the Digital Investigation team at IntaForensics® are capable of offering a variety of services to a wide range of sectors that utilise digital evidence and exhibits within their investigations.

What is a Digital Investigation?

A Digital Investigation is beyond just one discipline or digital platform, such as open-source research or social media intelligence. It is the process of utilising multiple data sources and piecing together all the digital evidence in an investigation.

Our digital experts in the Digital Investigation Unit work closely together to gather data across Cell Site Analysis, Open-Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence as part of a complete digital investigation.

OSINT and Online Investigation

Investigating social media activity and open-source investigations (OSINT).

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Cell Site Analysis

Establishing the presence and movement of a mobile device in a specific geographical location at a certain data and time.

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Social Media Account investigation

Processing information and analysing data captured from social media accounts.

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Due Diligence and Vetting

Conducting independent research to identify any risks to the safety of colleagues, staff privacy and reputation of an organisation.

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IP Address Analysis

Understanding patterns of behaviour and geolocating the usage of an account to corroborate the ownership of a digital device.

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DMI Digital Scene Preservation

Providing specialist advice to investigating officers and capturing any evidential seizures or securing of data.

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Online Investigation Consultancy

Providing specialist advice across all elements of a digital investigation.

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Who are we working with?

Our experts at IntaForensics have a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting digital investigations in both the private and public sector. Our consultancy service can be applied to all elements of a Digital investigation and allow the client to upskill their knowledge in the process.  

Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice System

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Research Organisations

Investment Companies

Central, Retail and Commercial Banks

Insurance Firms

Private Investigation Firms

Sporting Agencies

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