DMI Digital Scene Preservation

As part of our DMI Digital Scene Preservation service, our analysts can attend a scene of crime, respond to an incident or be on call in order to assist with any scene of crime and supply the investigating officer with a ‘digital’ scene preservation strategy along with capturing any evidential seizures or securing of data.

Our team can conduct the most enhanced scene preservation at any crime scene, important event or business function. Not only can we provide the traditional Wi-Fi survey and cellular surveys, but our enhanced service will also examine geolocation social media analysis and conduct a review of an online footprint of the event. This can provide assurance to the client and will ensure that any available evidence is secured at its earliest stage.

Key data that can be reviewed includes cellular preservation surveys, Wi-Fi router data recovery and analysis, online witness harvesting and golden hour online Open-Source and Social Media Intelligence (OSINT/SOCMINT) checks.

Which services do we offer for DMI Digital Scene Preservation?

Cellular Preservation Surveys

A survey of a crime scene, alibi location or any other location of interest would benefit from a preservation Radio Frequency Propagation Survey (RFPS). Conducting this survey at the nearest possible time after an incident has taken place will give the analysts the best data to understand what the cellular environment may have looked like at the time of the incident.

This method is not restricted to an incident taking place as proactive surveys can also be conducted at key locations, crime hotspots, buildings of importance and large events where temporary masts may be in use.

Wi-Fi Surveys

Similar to cellular preservation surveys, our team can conduct Wi-Fi surveys. This method can identify key access points that may later be important to the investigation.

Therefore, getting these conducted in a timely manner as near to the incident is also crucial.

Router Downloads

Time is of the essence when dealing with Wi-Fi router data. The data held on routers is only available for a finite period, in some cases less than 24 hours.

Therefore, if there is a Wi-Fi router located at a crime scene, our team can deploy to recover the data as soon as possible. Wi-Fi router data can certainly provide valuable evidence to an investigation and could be key in placing a device linked to a person of interest close to an address.

Online Investigation and Social Media Monitoring

The team have vast experience conducting Open-Source & Social Media Intelligence which is often extremely useful when researching prior to, at the time, or post an incident.

Vital Intelligence being gathered about an incident can be achieved, witness harvesting and in some cases footage of an incident can be recovered. This type of research really embraces digital investigation and intelligence and should be considered a line of enquiry for any investigation.

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