Due Diligence & Vetting

Online investigation and social media analysis can form a significant part of the vetting process. Our experts have experience in conducting research on individuals in many high-profile criminal investigations and we can provide detailed reports, apply risk considerations, and document all the information that we find in a timely manner suitable for the client’s deadlines.

Why is Due Diligence & Vetting Important?

Due diligence checks are also vital for any business; to ensure that the ‘online’ element is covered, our experts can conduct independent impartial research based on the clients wishes. Any risks, information ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ can be highlighted to the client to ensure that they get clear sight of what business risks there may or may not be.

A potential recruit or existing employee’s online digital footprint should form a vital aspect of any vetting process, but often can be overlooked. The use of social media by potential or existing employees should be reviewed as comments, posts, likes, shares or group membership have often caused serious reputational harm to a company. Therefore, these checks should be conducted to provide vital information to the HR or investigation departments. Our experts’ investigations are independent, impartial and would add value to any organisation.

Our services are not limited to but can include:

Company Overview

In depth online research on a company, identifying their digital footprint, online & real-life presence, key persons, locations and social media footprint.

Financial Overview and any Online Documentation Captured

Any financial records, tenders and other related material located online can be recovered and presented in our reports for analysis, saving the client vital time.

Online Research to Review Key Persons Associated with the Company

Our research will indicate who are the key persons at an organisation company and document what staff have an online presence at a company.

Our researchers will review those persons’ accounts and provide a summary of the results.

Detailed Review of the Properties/Assets Associated with the Company

Properties, assets identified, and any information to note regarding the company can be provided in our detailed reports.

Review of any Reputational Harm/Risk Indicators

Reputational harm can seriously impact any business, from the recruiting of employees to potential customers, our researchers will identify any risks to reputation and present them in the report.

Social Media Analysis and Review on Company and Persons

The researchers can conduct social media analysis on persons at the company and any risk indicators or concerns can be raised in the report.

This will save the client a vast amount of time trawling through social media profiles, posts and the like.

Other Services

Other services may include a review of residential status and co-habitants, land & property details (including co-owners) and credit history checks.

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