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Our experts at IntaForensics have a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting online investigations in both the private and public sector. Our consultancy service can be applied to all elements of a digital investigation and allow the client to upskill their knowledge in the process.

Our Digital Investigation team have a wealth of knowledge in conducting online investigations. We can provide the client’s investigations team with advice and training on how to get the most out of an online investigation and the sources of data that could be beneficial to any investigation.

Consultancy for Online Investigations can be provided in the following areas:

Social Media Applications

Our team can advise on what types  of data can be obtained from social media, along with other methods of harvesting key information that could be critical to an investigation.

The team have extensive law enforcement knowledge and the service could be very beneficial to help clients understand what data is achievable from the social media providers.

Preventative Measures and Online Safety

Cybercrime is a constant risk to any company; our team can provide sound and reliable advice and solutions to protect and prevent any future incidents.

Risk management and the creation of sound infrastructure are several services that we can provide.

Digital Scene Preservation, Support and Evidence Capture Opportunities

Digital scenes are not always a common consideration in investigations, the team in the Digital Investigation Unit can provide the best advice on evidential opportunities at a crime scene and identify potential sources of evidence.

This is not restricted to law enforcement as the team can also help clients enhance their digital evidence capturing and security, so rather than relying on traditional CCTV and alarm systems, the team can provide further opportunities in capturing key data.

Training and CPD Certified Courses

The team can provide the best, current and most informative content around online investigation, digital forensics and data capture.

Our wealth of knowledge exceeds 75 years of law enforcement experience and could be valuable to any investigation, security function or companies’ risk and threat considerations.

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