Online Investigation

Our experts have over 30 years of combined experience as practitioners in this area and are able to assist with, advise on and conduct OSINT/SOCMINT investigations. Information that our analysts are able to obtain can assist almost every investigation and present new lines of enquiry, key evidence and, in some cases, answer questions that cannot be resolved using traditional methods.

What is an Online Investigation?

An online investigation consists of gathering online information and intelligence from various online sources to uncover facts and insights about individuals, companies or groups. Our in-house digital investigation experts use a range of techniques and tools to access and analyse digital information such as social media posts, public records, and online databases. Together this information can support legal teams uncover digital evidence or commercial clients to identify threats to a person or organisation.

Capture & Review Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Working with our investigators ensures that all digital evidence is reviewed and attributed. We also work to ensure all lines of enquiry have been captured for a successful trial or thorough report for our commercial clients.


Attribution forms a key part of our investigations and plays a vital part in linking a person to an online account or profile; our research can assist with supporting or refuting attribution of persons to online accounts, profiles or in some cases digital devices.

Online Investigation Methods

Beyond Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and social media research, our online investigators use different investigation methods to capture evidence including email investigation and witness harvesting.

Conducting Online Investigations

Our experts at IntaForensics have a wealth of knowledge and experience in conducting digital investigations in both the private and public sector. Our consultancy service can be applied to all elements of a Digital investigation and allow the client to upskill their knowledge in the process.  

For our clients looking to conduct their own online investigations, IntaForensics have experience in this area and can configure, implement and deliver bespoke packages where we can set up the ideal online investigator environment. From advising on a covert internet connection right through to installing virtual machines, configuring recording methods and producing a detailed report.

Police Forces

Legal Defence Teams

Commercial Clients

Trust and Experienced Online Investigators

Open-Source Intelligence has been around for some time in Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) investigations and we are now seeing a trend where this process is being used more and more in investigations and in court. However, online investigation is more than a ‘google search’ and research on social media. Our in-house experts are trained to use investigation methods which can assist in a whole range of information gathering such as image analysis, reverse image searching, email investigation, witness harvesting and database analysis.

Protecting the client when conducting online research is key, by having IntaForensics creating this environment, the client can be assured that there is minimal risk to their investigations.

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