Drone UAV Forensics

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Drone (UAV) Forensic Experts

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) also more commonly referred to as Drones has seen a usage surge for several years now among both hobbyists and professionals in a range of industries, producing stunning videography, superb survey maps, and an increasing tempo of interference with manned aircraft operations. But this growth has brought risks and threats as well. Malicious actors ranging from organised crime gangs (OCG’s) to drug cartels to local criminal organisations have also adopted these highly flexible and capable aircraft for their criminal purpose.

The extraction of data from UAV devices and associated controller applications can yield useful information on flight track history, geo-location, waypoints, altitude and much more. This information can prove to be crucial in building a picture to support or dispute evidence in a case. We analyse data held on UAV and Drone devices and produce clear and concise reports ready for presentation.

Launch, Land and Home Point

Flight Track Waypoints

Flight Videos Still Images

GPS Data and Geo-Location

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