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IntaForensics has a strong track record of delivering Digital Forensics services to the Legal market, and the addition of our new official partnership with Relativity, a market leading Electronic Data Discovery (e-Discovery) practice, complements our existing range of services. Our e-Discovery team are available assist in every step of the discovery and disclosure process, from initial data mapping through collection and review to final disclosure.

e-discovery partner, Relativity One

Current data storage capacities are growing at a significant rate and show no indication of slowing down.  Locating specific information in a timely manner is often a huge challenge for the investigator and this is where IntaForensics e-Discovery / e-Disclosure services can provide effective and cost-efficient support. From the legal sector to the corporate sector, we are here to help.

As with all IntaForensics services, delivering professional, timely and client-focused engagements is what we do best.  Using our team of qualified specialists and the latest technology, we ensure that each engagement is tailored to the requirements of the client.  Our services are designed to identify, extract, and present the information needed to meet your specific investigative objectives.

How can IntaForensics help your investigations?

Find all critical information for your investigation sooner, by working with IntaForensics. Our e-discovery team uses the RelativityOne platform to support you with:

  • Finding all relevant information with a built-in data visualisation feature.
  • Collecting data from a range of different sources, including email and instant messages.
  • Working more efficiently to maintain control of your sensitive data.
  • Saving a huge amount of time and provides investigators with the confidence that critical data is not missed.

e-Disclosure Process

Our experts utilise the well-established and industry-recognised e-discovery tool RelativityOne to progress an engagement through these stages with our specialists always on hand to step clients through the process, provide guidance and ensure the desired results are achieved.  In addition, we also offer complimenting services including early case review, data hosting, document review and project management.  These services often prove to be extremely useful in connection with civil litigation, resolving disputes, and legal discovery.

Scope the Case

Data Collection

Processing and Analytics

Review and Disclosure

Why Choose IntaForensics?

Our technical expertise and efficient response, alongside our customer dedication, ensures we provide a high-quality service to meet your specific e-discovery requirements.

Skilled Specialists

Our specialists are experienced and skilled in electronic data discovery and digital forensic investigations, providing our clients with an investigative edge.  Our experts are proficiently trained in the use of Relativity and a selection of industry related forensic tools.

Industry Leading Software

We utilise the market-leading software RelativityOne to facilitate our analysis.  It provides the latest technology for end-to-end e-discovery workflows and advanced analytics.  It also provides an intuitive review platform ideal for document reviews of all sizes.

Data Security

IntaForensics are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 requirements and possess a host of additional industry-recognised accreditations.

As a CREST registered penetration testing and cyber incident response company and a Cyber Essentials Certification Body, we are at the forefront of providing proactive and reactive cyber security services and the protection of your security assets is of vital importance to us.

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