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21 August 2012

According to the latest statistics from Ofcom during 2012 it is estimated that approximately 92% of adults in the UK own or have use of a mobile phone. So it’s perhaps not surprising that Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis is being used in an increasingly large number of civil and legal matters.

Mobile Phone Forensics is a form of science concerned with the systematic examination of handsets and all attached media. This can include SIM cards and memory storage cards. A wide variety of data can be retrieved from a mobile, including, but not limited to, call registers, text messages and photographs.

IntaForensics supports a wide variety of mobile phone models from manufacturers including, but not limited to, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, Sharp, NEC and LG. In addition, our analysts are able to fully examine and report on all SIM cards and removable media.

Many mobile phone users may delete data from their phones – it is often possible to retrieve deleted SMS text messages, call logs and other file. This can help in a legal case or any other type of investigation.

As a brief overview of the Mobile Phone Forensic services we provide, let’s take a look at the three examinations we can carry out.

Automatic SIM card and handset memory analysis

When the mobile phone model is supported by one or more pieces of forensic software which allows the data to be extracted automatically, we will use the Automatic analysis process. The automatic extraction will be followed by a manual verification which will confirm that the data is complete and correct.

Manual SIM card and handset memory analysis

A significant number of models of phone may not be fully supported by automatic software. If very little, or no data, can be extracted automatically, the analyst will manually examine the handset and digitally record each of the screens. All images taken will be produced both electronically and as a paper based report while any audio or video located will be recorded and presented in a widely playable format.

Memory Card Analysis

All available data stored onto the memory card can be extracted and presented as with the manual analysis above. A comprehensive examination of a forensic image would enable all evidence on the card to be retrieved which can not only include images, but all file types associated with any digital device.

IntaForensics have also had great success in retrieving deleted video files from mobile phones, which is a computer investigation process beyond most advanced automatic forensic software.

If you’re interested in finding out whether the IntaForensics experts could help you with your computer forensic requirements or to find out about retrieving deleted data, simply give us a call on 0845 009 2600. You can also send us an email at with further details about your enquiry, and we’ll be in touch as

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