Forensic Analysis of iOS6 and other new Smart Phone Operating Systems

19 November 2012

IntaForensics has introduced advanced technology which can successfully extract deleted and existing or hidden data from iPhone 5, iOS 6, Android 4.1, and BlackBerry devices. This technological advance means that we can obtain even more forensic data, as part of mobile phone examinations from the newest model smart-phones and platforms.

Even GEO-location data stored on any phone can now be retrieved from the mobile’s memory and used as evidence in the court of law. The update enables IntaForensic’s mobile phone team to provide full extraction support for the three major smart-phone operating systems.

The enhanced support offered includes:

  • the decoding of deleted BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) messages and group chats ·
  • full physical extraction of iOS 6 Data – software which was launched by Apple in September 2012
  • the extraction of all hidden and deleted data from devices running Samsung’s Jelly Bean OS
  • Bypass of patternPIN, or passcode locks on supported Android devices

IntaForensics Managing Director Andrew Frowen comments, “The new technology available to us is world class, and offers our mobile forensics customers the most thorough data extraction capabilities for the newest, most popular, and widest range of mobile devices.

“Sales of so many iPhones, and shipments of Android devices with the new 4.1 OS, will increase the likelihood that these devices will need to be analysed as part of the evidence recovery process in many contexts.

“Having the latest and most advanced tools available gives us that capability and supports the most forensically sound process, so that we can recover and analyse evidence no matter how the target of an investigation uses smartphone technology.”

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