Get Legal Evidence with Computer Forensics

13 March 2012

Legal evidence comes in many different forms depending on the specific case, although with computers, the internet and data storage making its way into almost every facet of our lives, much of this evidence will be found inside the internal hard drives of our computers. To gain this evidence, which could prove to be imperative to the success or failure of a case, enlist the help of Intaforensics and our all-encompassing computer forensics.

You may have thought that the evidence stored on a certain computer is lost forever just because it isn’t showing up in the documents, recycle bin or even internet history. However, this is not the case as our highly experienced team here at computer forensics will use the most advanced methods to retrieve any incriminating data that may have been ‘deleted’ to restore it to its original format.

These methods, which include creating a complete copy of the computer’s hard-drive to maintain its integrity, and the preservation of any data, have proved to be successful time and time again for various clients, which even include the police force. Once any evidence has been discovered, we will present it to you with a full-scale analysis that lays out every area and is carried out in strict adherence to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines for the handling of computer based evidence – ensuring that you aren’t in breach of any law or regulation in attempting to find the evidence you require for your specific legal proceedings.

As we have already mentioned, computer forensics can be an essential aspect in closing any case, and we have previously provided this extensive service for cases which include criminal damage, owning indecent images, computer misuse, intellectual property theft and identity theft or fraud. If you believe any legal evidence could be stored on a computer or mobile phone, alert us right away by calling 0845 009 2600.

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I can honestly say that your excellent customer service and communication has made our forensic instructions to you exceptionally easy. I am very conscious of the amount of time I must have taken up with various queries, requests, and then changed requests but you have always been very patient, polite and extremely helpful.

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