Cyber Impact and Response from COVID-19

20 May 2020

As businesses and individuals, we have all felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has affected daily operations such as working on-site, as well many businesses looking towards how they can keep their operations secure. Perhaps unsurprisingly, over half of these businesses are already investing more into their security (at least as they work from home) according to a recent survey conducted by tripwire. What may come more as a shock, however, is out of those 345 that were surveyed over 60% had reported COVID-19 related attacks. If it was not already considered important to protect yourself and your business from such predatory attacks, this global crisis has only emphasised such a need, especially when such cases being reported.


Providing expertise, software and services for over ten years, IntaForensics has a long track record in providing incident response services to a wide array of different businesses from all walks of life, from multi-billion-pound enterprises to sole traders. Our growing team of certified responders are experienced in investigating ransomware, data ex-filtration, insider threats, payment card data breaches, malware intrusion and other complicated cyber security incidents.Ā  Able to advise on policy and procedure as well as technical matters means we can meet all your incident response needs.


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