Investigating Fraud with Computer Forensics

24 February 2012

Evidence that is housed inside the internal hard drives of our computer’s will be an important component of nearly every modern crime investigation and the same strongly applies to the charge of fraud – with computers being the chosen tool for all activity from saving data to contacting associates via e-mail. Here at Intaforensics, we offer the complete computer forensics service that can aid in any fraud investigation.

Our advanced methods of forensic analysis are able to recover, examine and present data that the subject may have believed to have deleted forever, tracing sent e-mails, deleted files and any computer programs that may have been used to aid their fraudulent activity. The recovery of this data could prove vital in conjuring up the evidence that may close an ongoing fraud investigation, as it will give the missing link between the accusation and the accused. The importance of our computer forensics in relation to modern cases of fraud has been shown on numerous accounts, as we have completed successful investigations for the police force and other parties.

A prime example of this was when we were brought in to aid with an identity theft and credit card fraud case. The authorities suspected a group of individuals were stealing credit card numbers with the aim to creating fraudulent replicas. Following a raid on one of the suspect’s homes, a number of computers and mobile phone top-up cards were found. After a thorough analysis, we found that 2 programs were used that are known to be in connection with magnetic swipe card readers and writers, which themselves housed several malicious text files. After examining the top-up-cards we also found that they contained bank details which linked to those in the computer text files.

All of this information proved vital in the group’s conviction, and as you can see, our computer forensics also extends to mobile phone analysis which can be just as important. If you are dealing with fraud, contact us today to find out more.

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