Launch of Lima Scientific Support for Law Enforcement

15 January 2015

We are proud to announce the latest version of our Lima case management solution, due for release at the end of February. The new edition is focused on providing Law Enforcement clients with a system which will enable the management of all types of forensic testing of property and data in an investigation. This means that the system will enable submission of digital evidence, samples for DNA, fingerprinting, Toxicology, GSR and other tests directly from within one system.

This Law Enforcement Edition enables officers to create their investigation notes, manage property seized or subject to investigation, submit any of the evidence for a battery of scientific testing and manage the process throughout. Managing Chain of Custody and Continuity is vital for law enforcement and this system will enable tight control to be maintained throughout the investigation process of all evidence.

The Law Enforcement Edition includes the full digital forensic case management solution, and also extends the award winning case management capability to other types of evidence for the first time. Take a typical crime scene at which you might recover the following:

  • Mobile Phone – requiring digital analysis, fingerprints and DNA samples to be identified and reported upon

  • Jacket – requiring GSR and DNA trace testing.

  • Letters and Documents – requiring a Questioned Documents analysis and DNA trace testing.

Using the features within the Law Enforcement Edition, investigators can represent the scene(s) of the crime with locations, people and evidence. All forensic testing that is required can be submitted to relevant teams for testing to be completed, with contemporaneous notes added to the case as those analyses are conducted and results become available. Reporting can be conducted directly from the application on various items of evidence and various types of evidence in paper or electronic form.

Get in touch with IntaForensics to discuss this solution – it will perform seamlessly and quickly. It is also economic compared to alternative solutions for scientific support.

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