Linking Multiple Cases

4 April 2017

We can proudly announce the third key addition to the Lima 2.3 version update; the ability to link Multiple Cases and to also link in Exhibits.

Effortlessly Link Cases and Exhibits to Multiple Cases

There is now the ability to officially link cases together within Lima. Within the Case Details tab, users will now be able to select a separate case that already exists within their Lima system, and define this as a linked case. This is useful for cases which are part of the same operation or wider investigation, and require the ability for each case to be referenced.

In a similar function, users can now also have linked Exhibits to multiple cases. This is particularly useful in circumstances where an Exhibit was originally part of a case investigation at an earlier time, and is now part of the new case which is linked to the original investigation.

Ultimately the ability to link multiple cases and exhibits to other cases is another step towards improving the efficiency of managing cases on Lima. This newly improved inter-connectivity of Lima allows significant amounts of time to be saved; it eliminates the chore of having to re-enter exhibits and cases that are required in more than just the initial case.

Look out for our In-Depth Look at the new Linking Multiple Cases feature towards the end of this week.

Did you missĀ our Knowledge base Look-up announcement? Take a look at our in-depth article to find out how it will change the way you manage the movement of evidence. Coming May 2017.


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