Announcing the Knowledge Base Look-up Feature!

28 March 2017

We are pleased to announce the next feature of the latest update to our Lima Forensic Case Management solution – Knowledge Base Lookup.

A Simple, Seamless Lookup

Mid-process, analysts may require help. This is why IntaForensics have formulated a unique Knowledge Base Lookup feature – directly in to the evidence processing forms. When entering Pre-Imaging details for Exhibits in Lima, all relevant Knowledge Base articles which contain the keywords will generate at the foot of the data entry form. The Knowledge Base articles can be accessed directly from the Pre-Imaging form through Lima’s improved intuitive thinking. These are contextual, yet not disruptive.

Users can then have their Knowledge Base article ready and available to reference throughout their investigation. This is especially useful if a user comes across a Mobile Exhibit in which they have had little or no experience with prior to the examination for example.

This feature has been developed as another step towards improving the efficiency and the ease of use of Lima for all of its users. By having this ‘Look-up’ feature it not only drastically saves time but it also allows users to populate exhibits with relevant and accurate details; making this feature the perfect addition in working towards achieving best practice in your laboratory.

Look out for our In-Depth Look at the new Knowledge Base Lookup feature towards the end of this week.

Did you miss our Pin Locking announcement? Take a look at our in-depth article to find out how it will change the way you manage the movement of evidence. Coming May 2017.

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