Announcing the ability to Import and Export Multiple Cases

11 April 2017

With the Lima 2.3 upgrade release date approaching ever closer, we are able to reveal the next feature that will be introduced as part of the update. Introducing the ability to Import & Export multiple cases at a time.

Import & Export Multiple Case Packages at A Time

Previously it was only possible to Import and Export a Lima Case Package on an individual basis. With the 2.3 upgrade, a single Case Package will now be able to contain multiple cases, thus ensuring the process of Importing and Exporting multiple cases is seamless. This saves valuable time during the process of creating Cases and allocating Case Packages.

By saving time during the creation of Case Packages, this speeds up the whole process, meaning the commencing of forensic examinations on evidence start and finish sooner. Ultimately this opens space for more cases to be taken in by your organisation and allows for onsite teams to be dispatched on-scene in a much shorter time-frame.

Look out for our In-Depth Look at the new Import and Export multiple cases feature towards the end of this week.

Did you missĀ our Linking Multiple Cases announcement? Take a look at our in-depth article to find out how it will change the way you manage the movement of evidence. Coming May 2017.


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