Announcing Pin-Locked Storage Locations!

21 March 2017

The First of Many…

Lima 2.3 will be the next major upgrade to our Award Winning Digital Forensic Case Management Solution. This update will bring with it a multitude of functional and performance upgrades which we cannot wait to share with you! The first of many key feature’s which we can now exclusively reveal, is the ability to create storage locations that can be pin-locked.

Pin-locked Storage Locations

Cases often contain highly classified and confidential information which only certain members of staff are authorised to access. In order to make sure storage locations are only being accessed by authorised staff, whilst still allowing multiple accounts to work together on one case, Lima 2.3 has introduced the ability for Exhibit Storage Locations to now be classed as “Pin Locked” locations.

Each Storage Location which is classed as being Pin-Locked, will have a list of authorised staff accounts who can enter their unique Pin Code to authorise the movement of exhibits. This protects exhibits from moving to a different location, when the actual movement may not have happened or even protecting against un-authorised staff members from conducting exhibit movements. Overall, by limiting the movements of exhibits, this ensures that cases remain accurate whilst reducing the possibility of potentially detrimental errors occurring to cases.

Over the next couple of months we will be releasing a new feature every week to give you a ‘sneak peak’ into what to expect from the Lima 2.3 update. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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