Examine Smart Watches with Lima 2.3!

25 April 2017

To ensure Lima is kept up to date and is growing alongside the industry, in the upcoming Lima 2.3 update, we have added a new exhibit type for ‘Wearable’s’. This exhibit type is designed for the examination of Smart Watches.

The Examination on Smart Watches

This new Exhibit Type will allow the recording of Smart Watches to be officially listed for Cases. Forensic information such as Pre-Imaging and Imaging details will also be added to represent the findings for each Smart Watch.

Wearables such as Smart Watches can be added with as much ease as any other conventional device. As shown by the below screenshots, after accessing the Cases Module and the Exhibit Details tab, under the ‘Exhibit Type’ heading there is a drop-down menu where the type of exhibit can be selected. Simply choose ‘Wearable’.

Once the relevant details have been filled out and confirmed, the wearable will then appear as an exhibit illustrated as a Smart Watch. In the same way that a Mobile Device can be populated with information, as can a Wearable exhibit type, covering all the fields needed to make the data extracted a valid piece of evidence.

With the high capacity of data that Smart Watches can contain it would be naiive to ignore their potential for storing significant amounts of digital evidence. Therefore, if they are to be forensically examined then they need their own Exhibit Type in Lima.

We feel the addition of Smart Watches as an exhibit is both appropriate and necessary based on the increased popularity of Smart Watches, and, more importantly, their ability to hold large volumes of data. The use of Cloud services allows Mobiles, Tablets, Computers and now Smart Watches to be interlinked and hold the same data. In terms of forensics, this gives our experts the opportunity to retrieve data in the event that one of the devices on the cloud is damaged beyond the point of data extraction.

How can I get the ‘Examination of Smart Watches’ Feature?

Our Lima 2.3 update will be coming this May and will be available for all Lima Personal, Laboratory and Enterprise clients. With the release of our Lima Support Portal, getting Lima 2.3 will be the most simple and accessible Lima update so far. Simply navigate to the Downloads section, where the update will be available.

Stay tuned for next weeks ‘sneak peak’ into another upcoming feature to expect from the Lima 2.3 update.

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