Lima Audit Log

29 May 2018

Lima – Audit Log (Who, When, What)

By Joe Farndon (Key Account Manager)

For many digital forensic labs, a simple Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet is still the “go to tool” to manage cases, exhibits, chain of custody, assigned examiner etc.

As effective as this may be, what stops a colleague accidently editing another analyst’s entry? Or perhaps a technician entering incorrect seal and re-seal information? Vital information that could have detrimental effects on the case outcome.

Lima Forensic Case Management utilises an un-editable audit log, which comes as standard with all versions. This feature provides the user with the necessary information to monitor:

  • WHO made the changes
  • WHEN the changes were made
  • WHAT changes have been made to the case – including historic entries

The audio log is also only one, in a whole range of features that enables Lima to be a fundamental part of any internal QMS or ISO standard.

Are you implementing a QMS or in the pursuit of an ISO standard? Do you want to keep total control and oversight of the cases passing through your laboratory? Get in touch with our Lima Solutions Team today to request a demonstration or call  +44 (0)2477 717 780.

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