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22 August 2018

Lima Portal

For many digital forensic and incident response teams their customers can be internal as well as external.  Internal stakeholders such as HR, Legal or IT Departments may require the investigative expertise of their company’s digital forensic team and as such, may make requests for assistance via email or telephone.

A major issue companies encounter with such requests is keeping track of all communications and investigation requirements in a single place whilst ensuring that their investigators can provide a live progress update on all cases.

The Lima Submission Portal allows internal customers to submit requests directly into the forensic laboratory process.  Through a fully configurable submissions process, detailed information will be captured in a timely manner, enabling a faster response from the digital and or Incident Response forensics team.

Lima Enterprise edition provides the enhanced tools for organisations to extend their Lima solution to create their own online submission process.  Our web-based rebrandable and highly configurable add-on solution Lima Portal, enables an organisation to configure the data which requires capturing at the point of case initiation (submission).  In addition, the Lima solution allows the creation and customisation of an authorisation process for cases which are submitted into the forensic laboratory, ensuring that no cases are submitted to the lab without the correct authority to proceed and keeping the details regarding the submission within the highly secure Lima forensic case management solution.

As part of the case submission process, the forensic laboratory administrators will have the ability to create customised questions and allocate a scoring (matrix) mechanism to each response.  The elements of automatic scoring enable the prioritisation of cases for approval or return.  The Lima Portal (available only with Lima Enterprise edition) facilitates:

  • Structured configurable submissions of cases into the forensic lab
  • Two-way communication and case investigation request channel
  • Single coherent secure platform for submission and case management
  • Live (at-a-glance) progress updates on all cases submitted into the lab
  • Effective integrated submission process for all customers (Internal/External)
  • Ability to create separate outward facing portal and internally branded solutions

Are you currently taking requests from your internal customers via email or telephone?  Are you losing control of sensitive data across disconnected systems? Do you want to integrate the submission process and keep total control and oversight of the cases passing through your laboratory?  If so, speak to us now for further information on our award winning Lima forensic case management solution.

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