Lima – Exhibit Management

23 May 2018

By Joe Farndon (Lima Solution Consultant)

Whether you’re examining one mobile phone in a fraud case, or hundreds of exhibits in a large murder investigation, management and complete chain of custody of any exhibit, big or small, is absolutely vital.

So how do you effectively manage the likes of storage location, chain of custody, assigned examiner, seal numbers etc for 10’s, if not 100’s of exhibits in a case at any one time? the award winning Lima Case Management Solution is the answer!.

Utilising Lima, the Forensic examiner can keep a secure log of a whole range of key exhibit details, such as:

  • Seal Numbers
  • Exhibit References
  • Exhibit Descriptions
  • Property owner (Victim/Suspect)
  • Child or Sub-Exhibit Information
  • Seized Time and Date
  • Current Location
  • Chain of Custody
  • BIOS and System Information
  • Pre-Imaging and Imaging Activity
  • MD5, SHA1 Errors
  • Upload of exhibit acquisition information from Forensic tools (EnCase, FTK, Tableau wiriteblockers TD1,2)
  • Re-Seal Information

If you would like to see Lima in action or discuss how it could benefit you and your unit, please get in touch with our Lima Solutions Team today on or +44 (0)2477 717 780.

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