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29 May 2018

Lima – MI & Searching at a glance

By Andrew Frowen (CEO)

Today’s forensic case management solutions are adept at keeping track of forensic case submissions and laboratory activity from collection through to delivery, chain of custody, automated expert reports and forensic tool integration, however most lack the management reporting needed in today’s professional laboratory environments. Flexible and versatile reporting is a must for any lab of any size, providing stakeholders and line managers with the data to make budgetary and resource management decisions without the need of cumbersome data reporting tools. Reporting tools should be simple and yet intuitive to use and provide meaningful reporting data, without complex pivot tables and database query. This is why IntaForensics have Lima Forensic Case Management software.

Lima – InSight Management Reporting

Lima InSight is a user configurable browser based tool, which enable users to create snapshot dashboards, create reports, graphical charts and export data. This enable users to create multi-layered charts, through which you can drill down to reporting data. As you are able to create the reports you have access to a wide range of information from within Lima to create these queries and reports. InSight allows the user to produce meaningful management information in a variety of formats such as export chart images as PNG or export chart data as XML or CSV.

Lima Insight enables quicker, smarter business decisions based on real time data from within the Lima database. Lima Insight has been built from the ground up to improve workflow and the presentation of vital information. Using a newly designed interface it is not only aesthetically attractive, but has been structured to ensure that the user can access the information they require right away.

Lima – Advanced Indexing & Search

Lima Advanced Searching and Indexing with the integrated powerful dtSearch engine further enhances all of the searching capabilities of Lima, where standard case data searching is not enough, building upon the already comprehensive search module currently part of the Lima solution. Dtsearch allows the user to search attachments for key terms and data, significantly reducing the time taken to recover specific information and data. The user will also be able to search for attachments within attachments, allowing for greater scope when searching for key data, and again reducing time taken during these frequent search activities. Searching for occurrences of custodian data or evidence specific information. How many examinations has the associated IMEI on the phone been seen in the last 2 years and can it be attributed to another suspect? Does this custodian appear in more than one discovery case? These are some of the examples of how versatile the indexing and search engine is within Lima.

Lima – Standard Search

Lima Search Engine is a powerful search and indexing facility. This enables our users to search cases, exhibits, contacts, reports and any attachment and a wide variety of other materials. You also have the ability to specify searches of bespoke forms which you create yourself within the application. Data can then be exported in XML, CSV and TSV formats for inclusion into reports or various types using other tools such as Crystal Reports, Business Objects or Excel.



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