Lima Q&A: Your Frequently Asked Questions about Lima Answered

23 June 2021


Lima’s casework management system has been a market leader across the globe for over a decade, with customers spanning a broad range of disciplines from police forces to risk and compliance organisations. It’s a tried and tested, customisable and award-winning platform designed to streamline the entire process from end-to-end.

We’re often asked questions about the practicalities and costs of running the Lima software. In order to address those on a wider scale, we’ll run you through the answers to our top frequently asked questions:


How customisable is Lima?
One of the new features of Lima v2.9 is that the software allows users to customise their evidence collection forms, which includes the option of applying the same forms to multiple evidence types. Users also have the ability to design specialised forms to suit every type of evidence, for example an investigation into a mobile device could include: data and method of extraction, hardware used in the extraction, manufacturer number and condition, as well as any notes. Lima v2.9 enhances the range of forms available whilst keeping the customisable essence of its current version.


Is Lima on-premise?
Lima can be hosted on-premise with any physical server. However, it can also be hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure.


Is it possible to upload data to the Lima platform?
In complex investigations with large volumes of evidence, managing your casework can be challenging, Lima v2.9 allows the attachment of data to evidence exhibit forms, assuring all evidence is easily accessible and stored in one place. On a practical level, this ensures that completed forms are verifiable against an attached picture or representation of the evidence, making fact-checking inputted evidence much easier.


How does Lima work in terms of auditing and inspections?
Documenting work to the highest standards is crucial to the success of your casework management, especially in such a highly regulated industry. Additional functions integrated in Lima v2.9 ensure seamless auditing and inspection processes within your organisation. It is designed to allow access to forms and data collection on a long-term scale, allowing users or auditors to check quality and compliance standards are being followed.


How are licences provided to users?
This would depend on how the user wishes to host Lima. If hosting on-premise, Lima licenses will be provided on a Sentinel HASP dongle. If hosting on the cloud, individual software licenses would need to be provided in place of the HASP dongle.


Are licenses issued per-user?
Each Lima license acts as a concurrent connection as opposed to being per-user, so the quantity of licenses that are owned by the company will directly determine how many users can be logged into the Lima application at any one time. This licensing structure is well received by the community, especially companies whom have a high turnover of staff and/or have a rotating shift pattern that operates throughout the day or across different time zones.


Do we need to install and configure Lima ourselves?
Companies can install and configure Lima themselves should they wish to, however IntaForensics recommends purchasing a set of professional service days that can be used to assist with installation and configuration. This bespoke service would be delivered by our specialist Lima team, and would help ensure that the product is correctly configured to work with each individual company’s processes and workflows.


Would IntaForensics have access to any of our corporate data?
No. IntaForensics provide the Lima software and it is ultimately up to the customer how they want to host Lima. Lima is not currently offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), therefore we do not and will not have access to any of the data stored or processed via clients’ individual Lima installations.


Are Lima licences subject to annual renewal?
No. Lima licenses are perpetual, so once they have been purchased they do not expire.


Are there any annual costs associated with purchasing Lima?
The only cost associated with Lima is that connected to the Support and Maintenance (SMS), which is charged at 20 per cent of the total licence value at the time of renewal. Whilst renewal of SMS is recommended to enable users to access the latest releases with new features, it is optional and if the user chooses not to purchase SMS, their Lima licences can still be used.


If I purchase more licenses at a later date, would they need to be provided on a new HASP dongle?
No. All that would be required is a licence file which would be sent via the support portal and downloaded by the user. The additional licenses would then be automatically added to the existing dongle.


Do IntaForensics offer training for Lima?
Yes. Training can be delivered as part of professional services package. Traditionally, 2-3 days of training would be delivered to users, depending on the version of Lima purchased by the customer. This would be broken down into Lima Client and Lima Administrator training. This service can be delivered both in person at the customer’s premises or remotely via Microsoft Teams.


How do I purchase Lima?
The purchasing and deployment process is incredibly straightforward and streamlined. To get started with your Lima deployment, please enquire with our sales team directly who will provide you with a quotation. Our sales team can be reached at We would then require a purchase order to finalise your purchase. Once this is received, arrangements for the delivery of the professional services will be made, and the team will endeavour to complete the deployment of Lima as swiftly as possible.


What do I do if I’m experiencing an issue with Lima?
Lima has a dedicated support team who can offer desktop and telephone support to clients where help is required. To discuss a ticket over telephone, call the IntaForensics helpdesk on +44 (0) 2477 717 780. Alternatively, if you have a support portal account, raise a ticket via the support portal and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your issue and the assistance that’s required.



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