Lima – Release 1.3.8 Forensic Case Management Software

17 August 2012

Henry Ford once said that “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress, working together is success”, and here at IntaForensics, success is a key focus when developing products for our clients. From working closely with our customers, we’re able to continually offer improvements and updates to our Case Management System – And today, we’re pleased to announce the latest version of Lima.

Version 1.3.8 introduces new features that improve the flexibility and adaptability of the software to cater to the best practice processes and individual needs of your organisation, ensuring an increase in productivity across the board. In addition to significant new functional features, a number of aesthetic improvements have been made to improve consistency of design across the software.

Key features of the Lima 1.3.8:

  • Improved User Interface – A large number of visual improvements have been implemented into Lima 1.3.8 to improve the efficiency of the user interface. This creates a greater and smoother user experience throughout the program allowing for customisation which will ensure your team has the tools they need and want.
  • The support of Dynamic Exhibit Storage Locations – These are defined within the Lima Server Settings, as either “Static” or “Dynamic”, identifying the capacity of each storage location. These are colour coded according to their current status when the drop down menu is displayed, making management of exhibit storage simpler and more efficient.  Displaying as green to indicate availability. Alternatively, if the location is shown as red when there is no availability.
  • The redesign of the Case “User Fields” allows further customisation of your Lima software. You now have the ability to add new tabs with many types of field, such as; text box, combo box, check box, numeric values and/or notes (RTF) box.  Values and labels are all definable within the Lima Server Settings. Each new tab within the “Case Details”. This allows greater flexibility to meet the needs of the individual user or the complexity of your own process.
  • The “Exhibit Processing” tab now supports multiple view types for the exhibit list, supporting similar standardised views found within Windows Explorer, e.g. Large Icon (set as default), Small Icon, List view, Detail View and Tile view. Detailed view allows the following information to be displayed, in columns, for all exhibits and sub-exhibits; Exhibit Reference, Seal Number, Exhibit Description, Storage Location, Pre-Imaging Started, Imaging Started, Resealed and Special Handling. This allows for a smoother and detailed user experience, catered for the user’s needs and the needs of your process.

These are only a sub-set of the new features available in the latest update.

IntaForensics are committed to developing and enhancing the software to ensure it meets the needs of the forensic practitioner community. So keep in touch and let us know what you need out of the system – we are always keen to ensure our development plan meets the needs of the community.

A free Lima demonstration is available online using Cisco WebEx. To schedule your demonstration please email or call the team on 0845 0092600 (Intl 44 2476 377260) to register your contact details and preferred time.

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