EnCase v8 Acquisition Log Import

21 October 2019

Ahead of the new release of Lima version 2.7 scheduled for 5th November 2019, in addition to a host of bug fixes and speed improvements, Lima will encompass a range of new features, including the ability to now import image files from EnCase v8 by OpenText. This will be the last feature and maintenance release ahead of the anticipated Lima v3 release now scheduled for early 2020.

With a variety of quality standards now being proactively pursued by laboratories globally, as an ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory, IntaForensics understands all too well the vitalness of capturing accurate imaging and acquisition data with ease from a range of growing number of forensic imaging and triage tools.

With Lima v2.7, laboratories who currently use, or plan to use EnCase 8, can now easily import data from their forensic imaging activity at the click of a button. Once imported, the imaging acquisition log file can be imported into Lima. The programme populates all applicable Lima fields, subsequently removing the possibility for mistakes and reducing the time spent by analysts populating these fields manually.


  • MD5 hashes
  • SHA1 hashes
  • Hash calculation
  • Verification time and date
  • Image meta data
  • Acquisition start, end and speed
  • Hidden areasLima version 2.7 - EnCase v8 Acquisition Log Import


The Lima development team here at IntaForensics continues to strive to deliver and accommodate the feature requests made by the various Lima users around the globe, whilst recognising the popular forensic tools that are available and utilised by our customers to ensure they are compatible with Lima itself.


EnCase 8, is one in a long list of forensic tools that integrates with Lima to ensure ease of use across the platform. This enables experts to spend more time doing what they do best. Keep an eye out for additional tools in future releases.

Download Lima V2.7 via your Lima support portal account to enable this new feature, along with a range of other new features.


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