What’s New in Lima 2.3?

14 June 2017

We are very excited to release the Lima 2.3 version update! The update is available to download for all our current clients who are in an active period of SMS and will be available to download on our dedicated Lima Support Portal.

You may well have seen our feature focus In-depth articles we have been releasing over the past couple of months on the key features of the 2.3 version update! This update will bring with it a multitude of functional and performance upgrades. For a teaser of what to expect, we have briefly outlined the main features being included as part of the version 2.3 release.

Quickly Complete a Case Task

Case Tasks in Lima can now be quickly marked as complete from the Case Task Overview. A simple check box has been added to allow users to swiftly mark all tasks which have been completed. This therefore eliminates the need to edit the case task and change the status to complete, saving time throughout the life-cycle of each case.

Creating Custom Generated Materials

Custom Generated Materials can now be created to represent the different media in which they produce as part of their investigations. Generated Materials can have a unique icon applied to graphically represent the custom Material. Once added into the Lima Administrator, the user defined Generated Material will be available to select within the Lima Client Application.

Changes to The Exhibit Processing List

Using DevExpress, a new layout has been applied to the Exhibit Processing Tab which allows the user to use a more detailed version of the previous Tile View.

Pin-locked Storage Locations

In Lima 2.3, Exhibit Storage Locations can now be classed as a “Pin Locked” location. Each Storage Location which is classed as being Pin-Locked, will have a list of authorised staff accounts who can enter their unique Pin Code to authorise the movement of exhibits. This protects exhibits from moving to a different location, when the actual movement may not have happened or even protecting against un-authorised staff members from conducting exhibit movements.

Logging Grading Results is Now Added to Exhibit Processing & Can Also be Reported On

In the Exhibit Processing tab, there is now a new section in which Grading Results for Exhibits can comprehensively be recorded. This information is also added to the list of case and forensic reporting options previously available within Lima.

Knowledge base Look-Up Feature

When entering Pre-Imaging details for Exhibits in Lima, all relevant Knowledge Base articles which contain the keywords will generate at the foot of the data entry form. The Knowledge Base articles can be accessed directly from the Pre-Imaging form.

Linking Cases and Exhibits to Multiple Cases

There is now the ability to officially link cases together within Lima. Within the Case Details tab, users will now be able to select a separate case that already exists within their Lima system, and define this as a linked case. This is useful for cases which are part of the same operation or wider investigation.

In a similar function, users can now also have linked Exhibits to multiple cases. This is particularly useful in circumstances where an Exhibit was originally part of a case investigation at an earlier time, and is now part of the new case which is linked to the original investigation.

Feedback Tab Added into The Cases Module

As part of Lima’s alignment to various accreditations, a Feedback Tab has been incorporated into the Case Module. Feedback both good or bad is essential to record especially in line with ISO 17025, therefore the addition of a Feedback Tab will help users record all feedback for their Cases.

Import & Export Multiple Case Packages at A Time

Previously it was only possible to Import and Export a Lima Case Package on an individual basis. With the 2.3 upgrade, multiple Case Packages will now be able to be Imported and Exported seamlessly, saving valuable time during the process of creating Case Packages.

Wearable Designed for Examination on Smart Watches

To keep up to date with the latest technologies, a new Exhibit Type is being added into Lima. Version 2.3 will see Wearables added to the list of Exhibit Types. This new Exhibit Type will allow the recording of Smart Watches to be official listed for Cases. Forensic information such as Pre-Imaging and Imaging details will also be added to represent the findings for each Wearable.

Group Defined Access Rights

In Lima, there has always been the ability to create custom access permissions for each member of staff using Lima. With version 2.3, Security Groups can be defined and pushed out to all members of the specific group. This would save time in applying the same access templates to each individual account.

Primary Suspect Added into Case Details Tab

A new field in the Case Details tab has been added to allow Primary Suspect information to be recorded for each case.

Performance Enhanced Administrator Applications 

In addition to the selection of new features that are being introduced in the highly anticipated Lima 2.3 version update, all of the Administrator Applications within Lima now have Enhanced Performance. Users should expect improved efficiency when navigating throughout the application, making the process of managing cases more simple than ever before.


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