Lima Forensic Case Management®

Our award-winning Lima software delivers a seamless end-to-end solution for all types of forensic case management. Lima Forensic Case Management® is used by 60% of UK’s law enforcement digital forensic units, regulatory bodies and cyber forensic service providers globally.


Full Task Management

Built into Lima V2.9 is the ability to allocate case tasks to colleagues. This feature is ideal for large cases or assigning a particular type of task to a specialist technical group within the laboratory. Users can track the progress of their allocated tasks via a designated case task overview function, designed to provide the user with a up to date list of all case tasks assigned to them.

Advanced Search & Indexing

The integration of the powerful dtSearch engine further enhances all of the searching capabilities of Lima V2.9. dtSearch allows the user to search attachments for key terms, significantly reducing the time taken to recover specific information. The user will also be able to search for attachments within attachments, allowing for greater scope when searching for key data.

Forensic Tool Compatability

Lima V2.9 enables the capture of all forensic process related information within the management system. Functions allow you to upload the output and capture essential information from a variety of different forensic tools including EnCase, FTK, Logicube and XRY.

Comprehensive Information Management

Lima can record all time taken to complete each and every task in your Digital Forensics lab. Additionally, Lima gives users the ability to produce traceable and auditable contemporaneous notes, allowing laboratories to demonstrate compliance with Quality Standards set by the International Organization for Standardisation.

Forensic Case Reporting

Built into Lima is the ability to instantly create a variety of reports for items of evidence, complete cases, or the transfer of evidence. The reports and generated documents are supported through Microsoft Word, XML, TSV, CSV and HTML.

Full Evidence Tracking & Chain of Custody Management

Lima V2.9 enables for the full chain of custody for all evidence and exhibits within any case. Stored and recorded within the Lima system, this includes all transfers of evidence from one location to another and the initial transfer of custody. Lima V2.9 integrates functions designed to track the duration and identity of stakeholder sessions, improving the integrity of your casework management.

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"Lima will transform the working of North Yorkshire Police Digital Forensic Unit. We will be able to manage cases at exhibit level and ensure we can finally manage all aspects of cases."

North Yorkshire Police

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