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Lima is unique within its field and, to our knowledge, is the only Case Management solution that has been rigorously tested by a certifiable third party in this way, let alone, awarded and regarded so highly by such. We are extremely proud of Lima and the team behind the solution, and we look forward to the continuing developments and enhancements to the system that will benefit and push advancements to the industry as a whole. It’s comprehensive management capabilities are what separates Lima from the competition. And the official reviews agree.

SC Magazine’s Lab Approved Award 2016

“Weaknesses: None that we found.” – SC Magazine, 2016

We are overwhelmed to achieve SC Magazine’s Lab Approved award 2016! After acquiring a 5 star overall rating, this makes it our 4th consecutive SC award and our second consecutive Lab Approved Award!

We have made Lima bigger and better. “There are some functions in Lima that we don’t find anywhere else”. Our developments, features and performances is what made and is what keeps Lima as the only case management software of its kind. From the granularity of the information making Lima effective for providing evidence, to the tracking capabilities for suppliers, tools, staff and costs, to finally the ease of it all through administrator logins and customisation to meet any desires.

“If you are running a lab and seeking accreditation, Lima can be your best friend”

Why not read the review yourself.


Forensic Focus Review 2016


“Lima Laboratory is an Amazing Product” – Richard Bunnell, Digital Forensics LLC.

Lima has come leaps and bounds since its initial creation in 2009. Not only has the software received its 3rd 5 star review from SC Magazine late last year, but has now been reviewed very favourably by the team over at Forensic Focus. Described as an “amazing product”, the review of our Case Management solution puts emphasis on its ability to reduce time in the adherence to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 17025 standards through the comprehensive product. It also draws attention to the granularity and comprehensive nature of the product.

See why Richard “would not hesitate to recommend this product be purchased and used”. Read the review now.

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SC Magazine’s Lab Approved Award 2015

“The most solid, complete digital forensics case management tool available.” – SC Magazine, 2015

As the third subsequent 5 star review from SC Magazine, the Lab Approved award is granted to “extraordinary standouts” within their product areas and signifies their suitability and fit into the SC Lab environment. We are truly proud to have had our software independently evaluated by the team at the Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics at Norwich University in Vermont, USA. The SC Magazine awards are rigorously conducted over an extended period in the Center’s laboratories by a team of reviewers under the supervision of Dr Peter Stephenson.

The review particularly notes its comprehensive nature, focusing on the software’s tracking features, such as staff hours and cost tracking and how Lima develops a more efficient set of analysis procedures for its users. The Lab Approved Award also means Lima will be used subsequently in SC Magazine’s test bench for the coming year.

Why not read the review yourself.

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SC Magazine’s Recommended Award 2014

“We cannot imagine running a digital forensics lab of any size without it”. – SC Magazine, 2014

The second of Lima’s prestigious SC Magazine awards, the Recommended Award, was a great achievement for our Forensic Case Management software.  The review particularly notes its full range of tracking features

“If you are going for accreditation of your lab, you absolutely need this”

Read the review now.

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SC Magazine’s Best Buy Award, 2013

“An extremely versatile product well worth the price.” – SC Magazine, 2013

“Perhaps more importantly, this system can be used to establish case management procedures that follow industry regulations, legal requirements and digital forensic best practices” – SC Magazine 2013.

We couldn’t agree more and we are so glad our efforts aren’t going unnoticed! Lima can be applied in a way that follows legalities and regulations which we feel gives the client a sense of security and confidence in the software.

Read the Review.

Read the Review

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