About Lima

What is Lima?

In short, Lima is the worlds most comprehensive Case Management System, allowing full case and evidence tracking, chain of custody management, comprehensive information management and works as a complete reporting tool for forensic analysts. Lima is perfect for small laboratories or large enterprises and is essential for those who wish to show compliance with international quality standards.

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What is the Lima infrastructure?

Lima is a thick client application, with 3 main central components. These are the SQL Database, the Separate Data Storage Area, and the Safe Net Hasp Licencing Dongle.

What is the difference between Personal, Laboratory and Enterprise versions?

Each version of Lima has been built from the ground up for different organisations of differing sizes. In its simplest form:

Lima Personal

Lima Personal is built as a standalone system, with one user on one computer. This is a limited version of our larger system and is perfect for smaller organisations and smaller laboratories who wish to achieve an effective case management.

Lima Laboratory

Lima Laboratory is the perfect solution for fully operating laboratories. The Lima Laboratory solution assists laboratories in achieving full end-to-end continuity of evidence and helps achieve vital international quality standards.

Lima Enterprise

Lima Enterprise is built for our multi-site clients. The solution includes a comprehensive online portal with budget and evidence authority processes.

We always recommend our clients go through consultancy with our Lima consultation team to ensure that the Lima solution is the most appropriate for their organisation.

Do I need to be online to access Lima?

No, Lima is hosted completely on the clients system. However, should they require remote and on-scene working, a unique feature is present that allows for a case to be package and taken offline. All cases worked in an offline environment can then be packaged back into the Live environment.

Lima Basics

What information is shared and processed by IntaForensics?

IntaForensics does not store or record any of the data used by the client in Lima. Lima is installed and hosted locally, therefore all data is managed solely by the end client. IntaForensics will hold your account details to provide you with support notifications and other communications of interest. This will only be held while you are a customer of IntaForensics and will never be shared with 3rd parties under any circumstances.

Can Lima track evidence?

Yes, Lima enables the complete tracking and recording of all evidential movements during your custodianship. For each evidential item in a case, a complete chain of custody record will be generated during the case lifecycle. This information can be exported or integrated into one of the different reporting capabilities within Lima.

Can Lima integrate with existing forensic tools?

Lima is compatible with output from many of the major forensic tools, such as EnCase and FTK. Output can be imported into Lima to populate various data capture forms in relation to Imaging, and Pre-Analysis of evidential items.

Free Membership and Trials

Is there a demo for Lima?

Yes, we can provide either an on-site or Online comprehensive demonstration of all versions of Lima. In addition, after a demonstration, we can also provide an onsite, Virtual Machine evaluation system of Lima for any clients interested in performing an internal Proof of Concept. Book your demo now.

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Is there any free versions of the software?

Lima Personal is available as a complimentary offer for all current members of the HTCIA (Hi-Tech Crime Investigations Association). Simply navigate to our website, fill out the form, and your licence will be with you once your membership with the HTCIA is confirmed. This licence is valid for 365 days, following this, reconfirmation of your HTCIA status is required.

Purchasing and Availability

How do I purchase a Lima Product

Single Licence versions of our Lima Forensics Case Management Systems products are available through the IntaForensics Online Store. For larger orders, you can request a quotation from our Lima Solutions Consultants, and if you wish to proceed, an official Purchase Order and confirmation of payment is required to purchase your Lima Licences.

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What payment options can I use to purchase Lima?

Lima can be purchased either using BACS, Credit Card Payment or a Cheque.

In which countries can I purchase a Lima licence?

Lima is available to be purchased in any country worldwide, however regional pricing is limited to GBP, USD and EUR.

What languages is Lima available in?

Currently Lima is available in English and Arabic; however, Lima can be translated into any Language. This can be organised upon request of the Client.

Can I buy Premium Modules for Lima separately?

Our Lima Premium modules are part of their respective Lima Packages, and are not sold separately.

I have ordered Lima, how and when will I receive the product?

Your Lima product will be dispatched as soon as payment is confirmed. Once payment is confirmed, your package will be dispatched via recorded delivery by our International Couriers and is usually recieved within 2-3 working days.

Can I purchase additional licences?

Yes, if you wish to purchase additional licences for your Lima system, simply contact one of our sales team on sales@ intaforensics.com or +44 (0)247 771 7780 for a quotation. Once a valid Purchase Order for the additional numbers is recieved, we will send you a licence update via your Lima Support account to update your licence dongle accordingly.

Updating Lima

Where can I find information on the latest updates?

Each user of Lima will be provided with a set of credentials to access their dedicated Lima Support Portal. All of the latest updates and news for Lima will be posted in the Lima Support Portal regularly. Be sure to check back to see the latest news and updates. We will also send support notifications via email to all registered users of the system, it is important to verify the relevent users at the point of sale.

There is an update for my Lima system, how do I update?

We have a simplified guide to updating a current Lima system, this guide can be downloaded and accessed from your Lima Support account, under the Download section.

I am having trouble accessing the secure FTP, what do I do?

If you are installing the update, you will have an active Support Agreement. Simply contact IntaForensics using the details in the footer of this document and a member of our team will be happy to support you in getting your Lima Update downloaded correctly.

If you are out of support, simply renew your SMS agreement to recieve the latest bug and feature updates.

I am having trouble installing the update, what do I do?

If you are installing the update, you will have an active Support Agreement. Simply contact IntaForensics using the details in the footer of this document and a member of our team will be happy to support you in getting your Lima Update installed correctly.

If you are out of support, simply renew your SMS agreement to recieve the latest bug and feature updates.

I have noticed an update is available, can I opt out of this update?

We recommend our clients install the latest updates to their Lima system for the purpose of maintaining a secure and bug free experience. However, the installation of product updates are at the discretion of the Lima Administrator. If you want to end your current Lima SMS Support agreement, please contact IntaForensics to ensure any future updates and communications regarding Lima are not received.

Can I use the software I have downloaded to update more than one machine?

Yes, the Lima update files which are downloading can be used to update all client machines currently running a Lima Application. There is no requirement to manually download a separate update file for each user of Lima within the organisation.

Lima Systems Maintenance and Support (SMS)

What do I get as part of Lima Support (SMS)?

By being in an active support agreement, you will receive all monthly and quarterly updates to the Lima system, with the additional of being able to access our dedicated Lima Support Portal. Here you can submit tickets in relation to either feature requests, bugs with Lima and technical assistance required for Lima. Plus, the Support Portal will allow you to access our FAQ’s section and open forum section.

When does my SMS begin

Your Lima SMS period begins when the product is dispatched after confirmation of payment is made. Your SMS support period will now be active for the duration of time specified at the time of purchase.

How long does my SMS last?

Every Lima purchase comes with 12 months of SMS included unless specified otherwise. SMS can be extended at any point after the purchase of the product (12 months minimum).

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Your terms and conditions for Lima SMS will be found on your Lima Support Account.

My Lima SMS has expired, how do I renew?

If you would like to renew your Lima SMS, please contact a member of the team on +44 (0)247 771 7780 (intl +1 855 717 7677) or email sales@intaforensics.com and we will be able to provide you with an updated quotation for your Lima SMS Renewal.

I have chosen not to renew my SMS, how will this affect me?

If you have chosen not to renew for Lima SMS, you will still be able to use your Lima system. However, you will no longer have access to your Lima Support Account and thus not be able to submit any SupportTickets in relation to Lima. In addition, you will no longer be able to receive any future updates to your Lima system or contribute to future feature requests.

I have been out of support for a while now, do I just pick up where I left off?

To bring your support up to date, you will be required to cover the cost of the previous years of missed SMS. This will be worked out using a pro-rata system based on your current value of licences owned.


How do I activate my Licence?

If you are using Lima Enterprise or Lima Laboratory, your Lima licence will be active upon initial installation of the software. If you are using Lima Personal, you will receive an initial 30-day licence. To activate your full 365-day licence, please follow the instructions outlined in your original package in which your licence was sent to you.

Compatibility and PC Requirements

What are the minimum PC requirements to run the Lima Client and Administrator?

Operating System

Windows 7 64 bit


1 x 1.0Ghz or faster (4 Core)






1000MB Copper



What are the minimum Server Requirements to run Lima?

Database Server File Storage

10 Users

50 Users

100 Users


1 x 2.6Ghz (4 Core)

2 x 2.6Ghz (6 Core)

2 x 2.6Ghz (12 Core) Intel® Xeon® E5-2690






20GB (RAID 6) Database Server
100GB (RAID 6) Storage Server

100GB (RAID 6) Database Server
1000GB (1TB) (RAID 6) Stor- age Server

1000GB (1TB) (RAID 6) Data- base Server
2000GB (2TB) (RAID 6) Stor- age Server


1000MB Copper

1000MB Copper/Fibre

1000MB Fibre





Can I run Lima on Linux?

Lima is only capable of running natively on Windows. If you would like to run Lima on Linux, we recommend using a Virtual Machine (VM) capable of running Windows 7 or later.