Full Laboratory Management



Management Reporting at a Click of a Button

Occasionally, a change comes that truly changes the way that organizations approach the management not only of their cases, but their Forensic Practices as a whole. IntaForensics are excited to announce the next step in their Digital Forensic Case Management journey – Lima Insight – a true management reporting platform built for Digital Forensic Organizations.

Lima Insight is a browser-based management reporting platform. It allows users to extract and present a comprehensive range of management information about their laboratory, case load and efficiency. The platform will allow management and digital forensic practitioners alike to view real-time data on the utilization of staff and assets, as well as case tracking, evidence tracking and lab performance, through a simple, intuitive interface.

Flexibility in the Field

The Lima Portal provides up to the minute updates of all ongoing case activity through a secure SSL 128bit web browser based interface. The Portal is published onto an intranet web browser, with no incremental costs to the client if they hold a Lima Enterprise License. The Portal enables an organisation to deploy a single integrated system for requesting digital forensic examinations and support to as many authorised investigators, clients or officers they wish. Through a fully configurable submissions process, structured information will be captured in a timely manner, enabling a faster response from their digital forensic team. Submissions created through the Portal can be audited via a designated Portal Submissions Manager, they have the ability to approve or reject the incoming submission to ensure that the quality of information is of the required level before it gets assigned to the forensic analysts.

How can your organisation benefit from the Lima Portal?

Lima Portal offers substantial improvements in responsiveness of your digital forensics laboratory – through receiving case submissions in the portal you instantly receive case submissions directly into the case management system, you can review submissions comprehensively, and if required request additional detailed information through the Portal. There is no need to check e-mail accounts, fax machines or other systems.

Interactive two way communication between users and the assigned member of the digital forensics laboratory staff reduces the impact of time delays. Log entries may be posted when necessary and convenient. Automatic e-mail notification of updates to the Secure Online Portal enables the user and the digital forensic examiner to keep each other up to date with case developments. It is particularly useful for operations across time-zones or shifts in the workplace.


CRM and Sales, without the High Costs.

Lima Sales Module allows implementation of any sales process, creating full auditability from the initial enquiry, through to invoicing of the case. It enables you to log and manage all inbound sales enquiries, with the ability to integrate with the Contact Module to store new customer details. You can also take advantage of the quotation wizard which enables customisable quotations to be generated based on numerous different variables, including hourly rates, service type and sectors. Through the use of mail merge, customisable sales proposals can be automatically populated using data from within the Lima Database to create your quotations and proposals in seconds.