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The Lima development team offer a bespoke training programmes for all Lima users taking them through step by step on all aspects of our Case Management software. Our training programs are carefully tailored to each individual installation as we want you to develop a true understanding of how each element of Lima can transform your case management process. IntaForensics offer onsite training programmes as well as public events that we host for all user clients.


Location – Stafford, UK / Onsite Assistance

Onsite –  £1,200.00 / $3,000.00

Stafford – Admin £375 / Client £495

Prerequisites– Lima Licence Required


The Lima Training Program is typically scheduled over a three-day period. We allow one day of training to be based around Lima Administrator application followed by a two-day course of training in Lima Client application. We recommend that training is conducted at your site in a classroom like environment in order for our expert training team to deliver the best quality service. However, this is not a necessary requirement and we are more than happy to discuss details of delivery according to each client’s needs and available facilities.

Our training is carefully crafted to meet all of your requirements and our vision of creating the highest quality service is implemented throughout our training courses. Personally, we recommend that classes are no bigger than fifteen people as if bigger, one on one help and tuition can be hindered slightly and we always want to make sure that our training days meet the needs of all attendees. However, we remain flexible and are always happy to discuss options once you have a clear understanding on your specific requirements. Our flexibility allows us to create additional training days and courses or extend time scheduled for training to ensure that you get the very most out of our courses.

Client User Training

Want to know more on how the Lima environment can utilize how you operate your case management? Then this course is perfect for you. This module aims to take the Client Users through the Lima environment in a step by step manner to include every aspect of the software in great detail. Specifically related to the configuration of the organisations local configuration, end users will go through every functionality of using Lima as part of a simple digital forensic investigation.

This training module is a great way for you to see all the features of Lima in a digital investigation and how you can to do this in your own forensic laboratory.

We will deliver…

  • Lima Client – Installation and Post Installation
  • Lima Client – Contact Module Use
  • Lima Client – Cases Module Overview
    • Case Dashboard
    • Case Overview
    • Time Overview
    • Exhibit/ Evidence Overview

Lima Client – Cases Module Use

  • Submitted Cases
  • Case Details
  • Collections
  • Exhibit / Evidence Processing
  • Case Log
  • Case Tasks
  • Cases Timeline
  • Cases Expenditure
  • Generated Materials
  • Quality Management
  • Dispatch Processes
  • Case Archives
  • Document Templates
  • Audit Logs
  • Lima Client – Resources Module Use
    • Resources Overview
    • Staff Resources
    • Offices Resources
    • Assets
    • Asset Booking
    • Suppliers
  • Lima Client – Search Module
  • Lima Client – Knowledge Base
  • Lima Client – Local Settings

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Administrator Training

Our team has designed this training package in order to give administrators the knowledge and confidence to effectively operate their own case management process through Lima Administrator software. In order for Lima to transform your case management strategy it is really important for users to understand the functions, processes and operations.

This training module specifically covers support and interactions from our support team.

What we deliver…

  • The Installation Process, First launch and Post Installation Process
  • Lima Systems Administration – Connections and Other Settings
  • Lima Administrator – Contacts Module Configuration
  • Lima Administrator – Resources Module Configuration
    • Staff
    • Offices
    • Assets
    • Suppliers
  • Lima Administrator – Case Module Configuration
    • Case Pre-Imaging
    • Case Imaging
    • Case Archive
    • Case Set-up
    • Case Reports
    • Exhibits
  • Lima Secure Online Portal – Configuration and Operation

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