Mobile Phone Forensic Breakthroughs

30 January 2014

Innovative New Forensic Techniques – Mobile Phone Forensics


IntaForensics research into the structure of data retained on devices running Apple’s iOS operating system – iPads & iPhones – following the deletion of SMS messages  and iMessages and conversations has helped provide vital evidence in criminal investigations.

The research was necessary because the leading mobile telephone forensic analysis tools internationally (Cellebrite’s UFED and Microsystemation’s XRY) do not enable forensic examiners to recover the identities of participants in deleted SMS conversations – this has meant that although the content of such conversations can be recovered, the identities of the parties to the conversation could not.


IntaForensics’ Lead Mobile Phone Expert, Alex Golding comments: “Internal research at IntaForensics allows for the sender or recipient of the majority of these messages to be identified and linked together. We have worked with law enforcement agencies in cases where a suspect in a case has deleted entire conversations which could incriminate themselves – the traditional tools such as XRY and UFED Physical Analyzer usually means that while the content of the SMS conversation can be recovered , the identities of the participants could not. This  evidence therefore lost significant value.


The pioneering techniques developed internally by IntaForensics enable us to provide more robust and more complete evidence in cases where this situation has arisen. For more details please contact IntaForensics to discuss how we can help you in such cases

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