Mobile Phones – Evidence from Apps

19 November 2012

With more and more people accessing the internet from mobile devices a large amount of data is available instantly. What other device holds your GPS co-ordinates, web browser history, searches, Facebook messages, MSN chat logs, whatsapp conversations, phone calls, SMS messages, email and documents?

Some interesting facts include:

  • 10% of people access the internet solely from a mobile phone and don’t use a PC
  • 31% prefer mobile phones to access data.

You may be missing out on valuable data by presuming a mobile phone is just a “phone”

Internal research has allowed for the recovery of a large amount of application data from a variety of smartphones and tablets. Unlike web history on a traditional PC, smartphones and tablets are much more data hungry, to allow for mobile phones to access your data on the go in areas without a network connection, email, Facebook and messenger applications store all recent activity locally within databases. An example of this is Gmail – a phone/tablet would store a much larger amount of data than a traditional PC. The same applies to most smartphone/tablet applications including FacebookSkype, MSN, twitter.

Our team has substantial recent experience with application analysis from all major mobile phone brands and operating systems and have recovered significant data from a wide variety of apps which has proven crucial in criminal cases and internal employee disciplinary cases.

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