Managed Security Service Provider

IntaForensics® consultants focus on current and impending cyber security risks, advising and supporting clients to ensure they understand the dangers and implications of a successful attack. In a world where your data is a highly sought-after commodity, making sure it is protected must be regarded as a top priority for all organisations.


Managed Security Service Provider

With a major shortage of skilled resources in today’s cybersecurity market, more and more organisations are opting to outsource key security monitoring services to a managed security service provider (MSSP). IntaForensics® in partnership with AT&T Cyber Security and AlienVault USM Anywhere™ implementation provides surety around Cyber intrusion and responsive monitoring of client network infrastructures. Whether for log management collation and centralisation, managed detection and response (MDR), SIEM-as-a-service, or compliance management, organisations large and small are turning to MSSPs to deliver these solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) is staffed 24x7x365 by GIAC certified security analysts whose credentials meet or surpass industry standards.


Unlike many other managed security service providers, we not only detect but also rapidly respond to threats — performing appropriate remediation based on pre-approved actions.


We actively counteract threats using industry-leading host and network protection, utilising industry threat intelligence and security analytics, log management and vulnerability scanning technologies.

Benefits of Outsourcing a SOC / SIEM Provider

With competing demands on budget and resources, more and more organisations are opting to outsource key security monitoring services to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

Whether for log management, managed detection and response (MDR), SIEM-as-a-Service, or compliance management, organisations large and small are turning to MSSPs such as
IntaForensics, to deliver these solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Now is the time to adjust your security strategy — before your perimeter defences are no longer effective against cyber-attacks. Beyond prevention, you need swift breach detection and remediation to minimise the time criminals spend in your environment and the harm they can cause.

Breach Detection

Actively searching for threats is important for keeping your business safe. To find threats, you need a team that monitors and manages your environment 24/7, 365 days a year, using advanced technology and analytics.

Minimising Data Breach Window

The most precious resource for a threat is time. Your security strategy must include an approach to closing the breach window as quickly as possible — to minimise exposure, reputational damage and cost.

Threat Remediation

Traditional managed security service providers simply notify you of a breach, leaving it up to you to respond. But we act on security events immediately, on your behalf, based on pre-approved actions and supported by our ISO/IEC 17025 digital forensic laboratory.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Maintaining a fully staffed, around-the-clock security team can be expensive. By turning to a MSSP, with the resources and experience to detect and respond to security events on your behalf, you can help ensure your environment’s security while reducing your total cost of ownership.

As regular customers of IntaForensics, I highly recommend the company for the services delivered by Damian Walton and his team. I couldn’t praise their Cyber Essentials services and support highly enough.

Ryan James, Managing Director - nFocus

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