National Crime Agency

1 February 2012

National Crime Agency

During a speech on Police reform Home Secretary Theresa May said that the new National Crime Agency (NCA) would make people ‘feel safer’. Ms May went on to say that cyber-crime was a serious problem and that a child could be at greater risk sitting in a bedroom on a computer rather than outside the school gates.

Key points of the speech also included that the nature organised crime is changing and it cannot be tackled through local Policing alone, highly visible policing is vital but it will not stop cyber-crime.

Ms May also said that ‘a powerful new crime-fighting force that works across different Police forces and agencies, defending our borders, coordinating action on economic crime, protecting children and vulnerable people and active in cyberspace’

‘That body will be the National Crime Agency’

So it looks like positive words on how the nation will tackle the increasing risk of cyber-crime.

New techniques in digital forensics, computer analysis and Smartphone analysis will help to pin point attacks after the event, but it will not prevent attacks from occurring.

UK businesses and computer users need to ensure that they are protected while conducting activities online.

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