New Forensics Lab in Warrington

29 August 2014

New Advanced Digital Forensics Lab

IntaForensics, one of the United Kingdom’s leading suppliers of digital forensics services, are proud to announce the official opening on 1st October of a new Advanced Digital Forensics Lab at Birchwood Park, Warrington.

The new facility forms an integral part of IntaForensics’ nationwide laboratory network, enabling clients in the North West of England, Northern Midlands and Southern Scotland to more easily access and work with one of the leading UK teams of digital forensic investigators.

IntaForensics network includes laboratories in London, Leeds, Warrington and Warwickshire, providing fast response and services to clients across the UK including national organisations. This national network also enables IntaForensics to work with a number of international companies to provide UK digital forensic services.

Our capabilities include providing solutions using the best-in-class tools from a number of global vendors and are supplemented by internally developed software and tools. Notable recent cases have included:

Using a Court recognized software (Nuix, EnCase, AccessData, Cellebrite and others) – processing large volumes of data from multiple sources to enable integrated, effective and time efficient investigations and case management. We have been using this tool to assist law enforcement and commercial clients with large and complex investigations into cases involving large quantities of digital evidence. It enables efficient searching, visualization and analytics of multi-channel digital evidence. Cases have included analysis of evidence from in excess of 100 computer devices, tablet computers, mobile phones and phone records and have been worked to successful conclusion in a fraction of the time it would have taken using traditional digital forensic methods.

Developing new methods of forensically extracting data from Windows 8 Phone handsets for use in commercial investigations and criminal matters. Our research and development has led to the recovery of larger volumes of data from many mobile phones which are not supported by the standard industry tools. Our methods and software tools have been shared with a number of our law enforcement clients to enable them to take advantage of our breakthroughs.

The threat landscape has changed over the last few years, meaning that digital forensics practitioners need to stay up to date with new methods, tools and techniques to ensure that commercial and law enforcement agencies stay one step ahead of those wishing to steal data or perpetrate a crime.

Criminals (like the rest of us) are using mobile, cloud services, social media and real-time internet connectivity services to perpetrate theft, fraud, extortion, terrorism and child exploitation and abuse. Inevitably in our highly connected world, these technologies present opportunities for criminals to refine how they undertake their “business”. This has made the job of identifying and securing evidence of such wrong doing more complex – you need to have an up to date, reliable partner with access to the appropriate technologies and skills to undertake investigations in this increasingly complex environment.

IntaForensics works with organisations to put in place solutions to their digital forensics challenges – through specialist laboratory based support, in the field or through a range of remote forensics solutions. We have worked with organizations on either a fully managed basis or by providing component and service based solutions. Specifically clients use IntaForensics to:

Fully outsource provision of digital forensic investigation services

Supplement their teams with highly trained and experienced digital forensic investigators

Outsource specific investigations or parts of investigations to one of our labs

Design complete laboratory environments, Standard Operating Processes and workflows for digital forensics.

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