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Viva Las Lima: Seven diverse sectors that use our award-winning case management software

The recent release of Lima v2.9 has opened our software to a broad range of new industries, from healthcare and […]

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Warning: Fully hosted checkouts are NOT as safe as you might believe…

If you operate an online checkout on your website, it’s possible that you handle hundreds of thousands of sales each […]

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Cyber Security for Remote Workers: How to Protect Your Firm and Staff from Risk

In the wake of the ‘new normal’ following the Covid-19 pandemic, we have spent considerable time advising companies on the […]

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The Benefits of Becoming a Retained Services Customer with IntaForensics

In the land of incident response (IR), one of the key things for any business that has an issue, beyond […]

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Ten Steps to Effectively Managing Cases and Investigations within Lima v2.9

Lima v2.9 has completely rewritten the rules and can now be used for ‘Any Evidence and Any Test’ across the forensic spectrum.

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How IntaForensics can support you to becoming PCI DSS compliant: Paving the way for Payment Security

The Payment Card Industry is thriving at unprecedented levels thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, as reported in our recent PFI […]

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Everything you need to know about Payment Card Forensic Investigations (PFI)

The cyber team at IntaForensics have rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions related to PFI investigations, to ensure that you know how to best keep your eCommerce platform secure.

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How Lima v2.9 can improve productivity as well as profitability

Regardless of whether you are a government funded or commercial laboratory, productivity and efficiency are key to a sustainable operation […]

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The Ethics of Ransomware: Is it Ever Okay to Pay?

Ransomware attacks can have devastating effects on organisations of all sizes and seriously impact the wider community. In a properly orchestrated ransomware attack, recovering files without a decryption key is virtually impossible, and it is incredibly difficult to trace digital currencies that are used for ransom.

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