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Data Recovery Techniques and the Myths Surrounding Data Wiping Tools

As the use of computer forensics in criminal investigations is now commonplace, news reports have made ordinary computer users aware […]

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Meet the Team: Holly Jackson

In the next instalment of our ‘meet the team’ series we caught up with Holly Jackson, Principal PCI (Payment Card […]

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How to Spot a Phishing Email

Have you received an email saying you have missed a parcel, but did not order anything? Could this be a […]

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Drone (UAV) Forensics 101

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, have become increasingly common over the last several years thanks to both […]

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Meet the Team: Damian Walton

We sat down with Damian Walton, Managing Director (Designate) at IntaForensics, for an introduction and brief overview of his career. […]

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Cyber Essentials – Simple, Effective and Affordable Cyber Security for the Legal Profession

With reams of sensitive personal data and transactions that involve large sums of money, the legal sector remains a huge […]

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The Uses of Social Media in Digital Forensics Investigations

In the dawn of the digital age, social media was identified as a key source of evidence in digital investigations. […]

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How Lima Portal Can Redefine and Streamline Your Casework Submissions Process

Lima v2.9 has redefined what can be achieved with a casework management platform and it’s now time to shine a […]

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Changes to the PFI Process following the retirement of PFI Lite

Visa has recently retired its PFI Lite service, invoking significant changes to the PFI investigation services that we provide at […]

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