Opening New Doors in Forensic Casework Management

9 April 2021

With the launch of Lima V2.9 scheduled for mid-May we are excited to announce details of empowering new adaptations to our tried-and-trusted software platform.


Built around customisable user experience Lima V2.9 transforms the current fixed list ‘evidence type’ fields into unrestricted forms, opening-up Lima to managing all types of forensic casework.


Put simply, we believe Lima V2.9 is the most versatile forensic casework management solution, and we should know because we use it across all our UKAS accredited (ISO: 17025:2017) investigations. Here are just some of the benefits of moving to Lima V2.9:


‘Any Evidence & Any Test’

Lima 2.9 has moved away from ‘fixed list’ evidence types and gives users limitless versatility to add any evidence type, providing full flexibility over management of your evidence. On a practical level this means that Lima 2.9 can be used as a powerful solution for any type of forensic casework, whether that is investigating a drone, a blood sample or even a person. Lima 2.9 is rewriting the rules of forensic casework management and now provides a solution for all types of forensic investigation.


Customisable Forms

Lima 2.9 allows users to customise their evidence collection forms and extends the option of applying the same forms to multiple evidence types. Design features include: text boxes, drop down menus, date and time boxes, subheadings and note boxes. Users have the ability to design specialised forms to suit every type of evidence, which for the investigation into a mobile device could include: date and method of extraction, hardware used in the extraction, manufacturer number, condition, as well as any notes. Lima 2.9 enhances the range of forms available whilst keeping the customisable essence of the current version.


Flexible Workflows

We understand the importance of recording every detail in forensics and Lima V2.9 helps users achieve unrivalled and accurate monitoring of their cases. Lima V2.9 features the addition of tools designed to track the identity and duration of stakeholder sessions on Lima, protecting the integrity of your casework management. Whenever a form is submitted the timeline of events can be automatically refreshed (recording date and start time) assuring a bulletproof chain of ‘Contemporaneous Notes’ crucial to managing accurate evidence for your case.


Auditing & Inspections

Documenting work to the highest standards is crucial to the success of your casework management in such a regulated industry. Additional functions integrated into Lima V2.9 ensure seamless auditing and inspection processes within your organisation. Functions are designed to allow access to forms and data collection on a long-term scale, allowing users or auditors to check quality and compliance standards are being followed.


Adding Attachments

In complex investigations with large volumes of evidence, managing your casework can be challenging. Lima V2.9 allows the attachment of data to evidence exhibit forms, assuring all relevant evidence is easily accessible and in one place. This helps cut down on unnecessary tabs and helps you to streamline your casework management. On a practical level this ensures that completed forms are verifiable against an attached picture or representation of the evidence, making fact-checking inputted evidence much easier.


Introducing Failsafes

Lima V2.9 has been developed with users in mind and has functions integrated into the platform to protect against user error when handling evidence, so you cannot accidentally match different evidence collection methods with different evidence types.


Empowerment as Standard

Whilst Lima V2.9 is packed with new functions (as standard) it is fully-customisable and all features are optional. Lima V2.9 focusses on ensuring users have the evidence collection and documentation tools needed to manage their casework. If your casework requirements are more straightforward Lima V 2.9 builds on the intuitive user-friendly platform that has made it a standout market leader.


We will be releasing more details over the coming weeks and are ready to walk you through the features and benefits with a live demonstration. If you want to learn more about how Lima V2.9 can transform your casework management system, please book a demonstration today.

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