Our very own cyber experts demonstrate live cyberattacks to De Montfort University

29 September 2016

IntaForensics, a leading UK digital forensics solutions provider, are attending De Montfort University to demonstrate an exciting, yet slightly alarming cyberattack to students to raise awareness on issues regarding cyber security.

With the growing risks of cyber-attacks in the digital world, it is imperative for businesses and individuals to have good security software in place to reduce the risk of criminals hacking their systems and causing catastrophic consequences. Damian Walton, IntaForensics Director of Professional Services and industry expert will be available to talk to any students about current cyber threats that are happening at the moment and any other cyber worries that they may have. With previous experience as Head of Data Compromise Management at Visa Europe, Damian is an expert who has extensive knowledge in cyber security.

Alongside Damian, Andrew Bassi, our Principal Consultant will be demonstrating different ways of how computer software can be hacked – something that should definitely not be missed! The live demonstration will allow individuals to see first-hand the risks and the ease of accessibility to unsecured software systems, risking important documentation, all from the viewpoint of a cyber attacker.

Cover your webcam…
One of our most impressive examples of a hack is through the use of a webcam demonstration. Damian and Andrew will be showing how surprisingly easy it is for vicious hackers to watch you through your webcam, without even knowing it.

But how?
Usually, most hackers use malware or remote administration tools to gain access to users operating systems and their webcams.

RATS are installed on a computer like a virus after the user mistakenly opens an infected file. Attackers can then use this to launch a victim’s webcam and watch them whenever they want. Once this has been installed, the hacker has the power to cause numerous problems on your digital device!

Protect yourself!
Both of our cyber security experts will be on hand to give you all of the important hints and tips to make your you are protected whilst online. A webcam hacking demonstration is not the only live attack that will be presented, you will be shown different attacks such as; screen grabs, download of user files, escalating access permissions on systems and a password hash.

Come and get your free webcam cover!
After witnessing how an attacker can access your webcam, you will always want to cover your webcam when not using it. Both Damian and Andrew will be able to give you a free webcam cover from us here at IntaForensics. We feel particularly strongly about this matter and believe a simple cover can prevent the abuse of your privacy.

When and where?
IntaForensics will be at De Montfort University on the 4th November as part of the Leicester business festival! Pop along and talk to our industry experts on everything you need to know about cyber security.

Any questions?
If you have any questions on cyber security and the threat of attacker then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at IntaForensics. Contact us on 0247 771 7780 or visit our website for more information https://www.intaforensics.com/services/cyber-security/

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