Social Media Account Investigations

Our Investigators and Social Media Experts have a vast amount of knowledge around Digital Media Investigations (DMI) involving social media applications and are able to provide expert advice in this complex area. We are not restricted to just social media; our accredited investigators also conduct online Open-Source Investigations (OSINT) to provide intelligence or evidence.

What is a Social Media Investigation?

A social media investigation is the process of collecting and analysing information from social media platforms to gather evidence for legal, corporate, or personal purposes.

Our professionally trained analysts can harvest information from most social media applications, comment on usage, conduct pattern analysis and recover evidence that may be key to any investigation.  This report can help to identify potential witnesses, suspects, or victims, as well as track their movements and activities, as well as provide valuable insights into a person’s character, interests, and connections.

Why is Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) an important part of a Criminal Investigation?

Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) is an important part of a criminal investigation because it can provide valuable insights which can be useful in identifying potential witnesses, suspects, and victims, as well as tracking their movements and activities. In addition, social media posts and messages can provide evidence of criminal activity, such as drug trafficking, cyberbullying, and harassment.

Using social media intelligence as evidence can also be used to supplement other forms of evidence, such as CCTV footage, witness statements, and forensic evidence. It can be key to providing additional context and corroborating other evidence, making it more convincing in court. Furthermore, our analysts can recover evidential information directly from social media applications, this can be achieved without the devices being seized and can be obtained using the credentials of the account or simply via open-source methods. This is all done to an evidential standard.

We can also provide consultancy to advise legal teams and share expert knowledge and understanding around the use of social media applications. From data recovery to how the applications operate, our analysts can provide clients with sound advice around information, intelligence, and evidential opportunities in Social Media.

Social Media Intelligence Investigations with IntaForensics

Our analysts can recover evidential information directly from social media applications. This means that evidence can be captured using the credentials of the account or simply via open-source methods, without the devices being seized. This is all done to an evidential standard.  

Social Media Application Advice

Social Media Usage Analysis

Social Media Investigation Case Review

Mobile Phone Usage Analysis

Social Media Evidence Capture

Wi-Fi Investigations Public and Private

Who do we work with?

Social media investigations are increasingly being used in criminal and civil cases, as well as in corporate investigations and employment screening.

Our accredited investigators are trained to conduct SOCMINT investigations and to conduct open-source intelligence for both surface, deep and dark web. We are trained to evidentially capture information obtained from our online investigations and provide the details in an easy-to-follow report for legal teams and corporate clients.


Police Officers

Working alongside the police officers helps them to build a digital investigation strategy, that includes pulling together all digital and social media intelligence information.

Criminal Defence Firms

Conducting case reviews provides solicitors and barristers with the assurance that evidence is sound and obtained to an evidential standard. This can relate to any aspects of social media investigations.

Corporate Clients

Social media investigations can be hugely beneficial to the corporate sector for internal investigations, employee background checks or risk management/mitigation.

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