Solicitors; A Case Guide For Indecent Images

9 September 2016

IntaForensics are trusted legal experts to legal practices throughout the UK and can provide evidential services for both high and low profile cases. This experience extends to over 6000 Indecent images cases (IIoC) on behalf of the prosecution and the defence. We are one of very few providers who harnesses in house software which can allow us to act on both the defence and prosecution without compromising the integrity of the case and the processed information.

IntaForensics are extremely proud of the extensive range and experiences of its experts. As our extensive teams experience ranges from commercial backgrounds to the Military, Police Hi-Tech Crime Units, and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, we are well placed to assist with any type of investigation that may arise. All Forensic Analysts are IT experts and are well qualified.

We can obtain data from a variety of exhibits consisting of standard Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, USB drives, Memory Cards, Sat Navs to less traditional such as Shipping Buoys, Cash Registers, Car Entertainment systems, essentially most things which house a hard drive.



In defence cases we would endeavour to answer any questions presented to us. We conduct: Virus, Malware, Keylogger and Third Party Software checks for hacking or malicious activity. Conducting these checks involves our experts using our specialised forensic tools to analyse if any mitigating events have taken place on the device. By conducting these checks it allows us to really grasp a true understanding of whether there has been influences from hacks/malicious activity. In terms of the overall case this can have a huge impact as this can suggest that the actions taken on the device could have been out of the defendants control or by a third party, therefore giving a valid defence for the defendant.

We can obtain any dates, times, internet history, e-mails, messages, social media data, Whatsapp, etc. that is required from the defence to support the case. Being able to obtain such an array of specific pieces of information from multiple platforms/devices can support cases as the information can be used as supportive evidence. The information can be used to decipher the defendant’s whereabouts at a precise time, their internet search tendencies and can help build a profile for the defendant. All of which can be used to contribute to filling in the overall bigger picture in order to prove or disprove any indictments.

Once we have received the evidence and indictment we can work to find the truth. Upon completion, we will release an expert witness report of our findings to the solicitor in defence cases.

Full analysis process:

• We verify the Image files to ensure they are correct copies of the data.

• We run our own Internet, Media and analysis search over the original data. (we do not use the prosecution results).

• We review the results of our own searches using our own forensic tools.

• We will then comment on if any illegal material is present, how they came to be on the device and if there are any mitigating circumstances that could explain how such material came to be on the device.

• We will then review the prosecution report for accuracy and comment on if there are any technical points we disagree with.

• We also review any explanation supplied by your client and comment on if any evidence was identified that support the defendant explanation.


This extensive experience and in-depth analysis contributes to what makes IntaForensics the most effective digital forensic service for dealing with prosecution and especially defence cases, through:

• Tailored cases – we are aware each case is different. Therefore, we do not just simply have set structures and questions we can report on. We are able to find the answers to your unique questions.

• Grading experience – when categorising the grade of indecent images, they can sometimes fall into the wrong category. This ultimately has a large impact on the overall prosecution. Which is why our extensive grading experience and ability to notice if something has been graded incorrect is something we pride ourselves on.

• Interpretation experience – we are able to interpret information in perhaps a way which the law enforcement or other service providers cannot. When we are given the cases we are open to interpretation and do not make immediate presumptions, despite what we have been told.

• Expert witness authorisation – ultimately we are authorised to provide a report and this is one of an expert witness magnitude, meaning that our verdict will be influential on the prosecution.

• Fair, uninfluenced judgement – we hold a fair view and will highlight any extra information that we deem as relevant. Meaning if we agree with the report we have been given by the law enforcement, we will state we agree. However, we will not then hold back findings that disagree, thus meaning a fair outcome will follow on.



SOLICITORS; get the right experts.

1. In the first instance contact us via our email or phone number.

2. We will make a recommendation of what cause of action we suggest.

3. We will always aim to tailor our services to be able to provide assistance, whilst negotiating prices accordingly.

4. Once provided with evidence from the solicitor or the police and all logistics are in place, we will commence our digital forensic investigation.

5. When finished, we will provide a full written report which in defence cases we will give back to the solicitor and in prosecution this will go the police.

6. If required, for an additional fee, a member of staff can assist by coming to the court.



Our indecent images for prosecution cases are slightly different in process. Yet the same detail to attention and high standards remain. We will execute our investigations into the evidence we are provided and follow the structure required for prosecution cases of indecent images. As always we will provide a fair representation when we conclude upon our findings. This report will be sent to the police/prosecutor who has made the enquiry.



Experience and experts is vital for solicitors when dealing with defence cases. We are 17025 certified and the national requirement for that to be in place is by October 2017. The risk of not choosing a lab accredited runs the risk of the defence case not being as integral. For service enquiries email us at or phone us on 024 7771 7780.

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I can honestly say that your excellent customer service and communication has made our forensic instructions to you exceptionally easy. I am very conscious of the amount of time I must have taken up with various queries, requests, and then changed requests but you have always been very patient, polite and extremely helpful.

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