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1 October 2015

Today marks a fantastic day for our Lima Forensic Case Management software. Not only has the software received a 5 star review from SC Magazine for the 3rd year running, but the software has been awarded its 3rdSC Magazine award – the prestigious “Lab Approved” award.

Described as a “must have for any digital forensic lab”, this really is a testament to the comprehensive nature of the product and the dedication of our software development team.

We are truly proud to have had our software independently evaluated by the team at the Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics at Norwich University in Vermont, USA. The SC Magazine awards are rigorously conducted over an extended period in the Center’s laboratories by a team of reviewers under the supervision of Dr Peter Stephenson.

The review particularly notes its comprehensive nature, focusing on the software’s tracking features, such as staff hours and cost tracking and how Lima develops a more efficient set of analysis procedures for its users.

“The Most Solid, Complete Digital Forensics Case Management Tool Available”

So what does this mean? 

The Lab Approved award is granted to “extraordinary standouts” within their product areas. The award signifies their suitability and fit into the SC Lab environment. This also means Lima will be used subsequently in SC Magazines test bench for the coming year.

“It’s hard to believe that a solution with such humble beginnings has grown into a ‘Lab Approved product.” States Andrew Frowen, CEO of IntaForensics. “It really is a testament to how the team at IntaForensics focus on, not just the needs of the whole industry, but the needs of small forensic labs to major enterprises.”

Lima is unique within its field and, to our knowledge, is the only Case Management solution that has been rigorously tested by a certifiable third party in this way, let alone, awarded and regarded so highly by such. We are extremely proud of Lima and the team behind the solution, and we look forward to the continuing developments and enhancements to the system that will benefit and push advancements to the industry as a whole.

Check out the review here 

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